after Athanasios finnished feeding I felt so weak and helpless I managed to pull myself to my the nearest chair and collapsed, I closed my eyes, I searched the whole place for Guy's mind I wanted to know what happened he was some where warm and full of books but I recognise this from Edwards mind oh how I miss him. I guess this is the place Edward always thought about. I was so exhausted I fell in a soundless sleep a dreamt about a lost girl in the woods.



Maloria, Athanasios and guy were in the woods near by they were there way to surprise attack on the bloody night hunters. For the fist time Maloria was aloud to go Athanasios said her power to read mind would come in useful, yet secretly was afraid to leave by herself.

Further in the woods they heard a scream, they all looked at each other Athanasios nodded at Guy then looked at Maloria. Guy pulled her on his back and whispered “hold on tight” they ran to the source of noise. It was Ryan on the the night hunter he was a tall boy with chocolate colour hair and matching eyes. He was attacking a small girl who was lying on the floor losing a lot of blood. Maloria was frightened for the small girl who was dying she whimpered I head her face in Guy's shoulder. Guy comforted as best he could. Athanasios ran forward at Ryan, their was fierce combat but in the end Athanasios won. He picked up the small girl she small long flowing silver hair pale skin, tainted with blood at the ends she was a long whit dress which was now splatted with blood.

Athanasios looked up at us with such sorrow in his eyes we need to save her she's one of last of my kind please.



I woke up screaming, I calmed after a while and realised it was a dream I looked around, I was tidy, Athanasios must have woken up as he wasn't there any more I got up still feeling groggy from giving blood I went to my room and and lay on bed, was this going to happen? and who was this girl that made Athanasios so sad?

The End

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