I waited for Guy in his room I don't why but ever inch of my being wanting him to pay for upsetting Maloria she was in love with him. As he walked in the his room the lights we not on, this was an advantage for as my vision is best in the dark. I ran forward grabbed him pushed him against the wall, you see Guy is strong but I had just fed so my powers for the moment are stronger. I hissed into his ears “if you had a brain you treat Maloria with respect you scum bag if you ever make her cry” I tightened my grip on his arms that made him wince. “ I mean ever you will suffer, now pay attention to her she will be needed foe our up coming fights”


I let go of him and hell fell on the floor so I stepped of him and walked out of the door, I would of happly killed him but killed him but I don't think Maloria would be pleased. Guy came storming out of his room and and punched me in the stomach which sent me flying in to kitchen, I heard Maloria scream as I smashed pots. As I got to my feet Guy jumped at me and pinned me to the floor I hissed and tried to snap at him with my pointy canine teeth “ Don't you dare tell me what to do you filthy creature” Maloria was screaming in our heads telling us to stop, Guy picked a shard of glass my eyes grew wide please no not again he raised his arm slowly and slashed my thought with on quick blow. I was human I would die but mi dead all I need is blood, so he sat on me until I was nearly dead. Despite the efforts of Maloria to pull off it didn't help I was nearly dead and I was lying in the pool of my own blood Guy had stood up and walked away, I couldn't speak any more so I thought in my head knowing Maloria would “ please fetch me donor please” she ran over to me tear flowing down her face “there wont be time” she took in a deep breathe “ drink mine I know you know I don't like it but I can't loose you” I didn't want to when you nearly dying the hunger takes over. She exposed the soft flesh of her neck and I open my mouth and licked her the skin on her neck I could sense the blood flowing underneath oh how I needed it. I pulled her down to me and sunk my teeth in to her neck, how can I describe how her blood tasted it was the sweetest thing I have ever tasted, I saw inside her head how she was me a close friend it killed me knowing she thought nothing more of me, that's how I know how much pain she go's threw yet shell never know how much I lover her. I saw how she saw Guy and I couldn't stop a hiss reaching my lips when I had taken what I needed I realised her and fell in to a deep sleep to allow my body to heel.

The End

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