Not Fair


After Athanasios left I felt a strange feeling inside of me, must be intergestion. I push myself up from the ground to get myself a mug of tea. I glance above the steaming mug as I lean against the bar side, sipping the tea, I see Guy walk with his back to me. His sholders are pulled back a little too much, almost as if he was in some sort of some confrutation with himself.

He glances around to face him, his strange grey eyes connect with my shappire ones. My heart beat rappidly increases, I feel a sea of red raise to my checks. His eyes narrow slightly as his eyebrows crease in together, he turns slowly around; after glancing quickly at me.

I sign. This is so not fair, why does he keep doing this to me? Does he really hate me that much? I tudge away to my chambers, keeping my face to my tes as I go. 

The End

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