The vampire


Guy walked off to his room it hurt me more then he knew, that he thought I should get over him  doesn't he understand my feelings for him? Sometimes my powers are a curse and I wished I could not hear the things I don't want too. I huddled my-self in front of the fire hoping I could distract my-self by staring at the dancing fames before me.

Athanasios silently come and sits beside me, he is tall deep blue eyes which change red when he's thirsty or angry which isn't often. he isn't much of a talker but he one of the nicest person is I know, he a vampire but he only feeds when he has too he doesn't kill his victims well the not even victims, he normally asks before taking the blood. Ives let him drink mine before but only a little and on in cases where he nearly dying because the connection allowed him to explore my mind and it do not want him in their.

He turns me and looks a me for a while and sighs " has he upset you again?" I widen my eyes in shock is it that obvious or does he have good hearing? "I errm well its was my own fault I hugged him again I know he doesn't like me doing that" I look down at my hands. "No god damn it!* he punches the floor and leaves a whole I just stare in shock. "its not your fault he the one who is stupid to even ignore you, your a wonderful girl and he to blind!" his eyes a burning a firer red, tears drop down my face I was shocked I didn't realise I was crying. he looks at me and almost idealist calms down "look Malaria mi sorry I just don't like people upsetting you your to pure to be crying" he wipes a single tear skidding down my cheek and walks away.

The End

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