Daylight hunters

Magic and minstery. Magic is mistery and mistery is magic. This is about the 'daylight hunters' (surprise surprise). Basically, it's in the form of the bad guys. Three in particular actually. Guy, Athanasios and Maloria.
That's it just Guy, Athansios and Maloria. It's in first person presents, unless you want to mix it up a wee bit and write in thrid person for another character - bare in mind that others could write for that person.
Thank you! ^^


Once I complete my daily run, I jog down the thirty steps to the old warehouse. Once inside, I'm faced with three stages.

  1. Eye reconision. I have to stand next to it, let the lasor trace up and down my eye. Grey eyes, with three specks of gold in the left, four in the right, puiple the shape of a cat's.
  2. Voice recognision. I have to say the password, it's ok if I have a cold, it finds the basics in the way you've said it and everything - it's hightec. The password is - wait for it, it's a kicker - 'Supercallexpolicpingpongpishbush'. Have to admit though, no one's gunna be guessing that.
  3. DNA sampling. A little thing comes out which I can either bleed into - not a good idea with vampires inside - or spit into. I usually go for the latter option.

After these three stages are done, then then you have you got the light switch flick it three times to open the door. My shortish, amber hair - yes, amber hair, don't ask. I jump over the jaggard boobie-traps duck under random shards of glass. Needless to say, these people like their security.

I walk into the room, my tall frame taking up most of the frame.

"GUY!" Maloria screaches jumping on me for a hug. I mearly pat her on the back, pushing her off, I wish you wouldn't do that.

Well, sorry. She replies in my head, she pushes hard on my chest. I elevate my eyebrow, as she huffs off. I'm shocked, it's true, at how much her powers have grown. She doesn't even need to concentrate anymore. Her midnight black hair swooshes from side to side as she walks. She really needs to get over me though.

I turn and walk to the kitchenet, pour myself a cup of coffee and get to work. I feel Maloria's gaze on me as I move.

The End

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