Alicia: In The Dream

I watch the dream-sky lighten, going randomly from indigo to ice to crimson then amber as the orange sun pokes its head around the dainty white clouds.

My crush, Charlie sits with me too, his arm around me. I have this dream a lot, but I know that when I wake I’ll be sad because Charlie and I can’t be together in real life. That’s why he comes in my dreams; he comes to help me forget the pain of the living world. In that way, my dream is neither a daydream nor a nightmare. Although to others it would appear to be, quite obviously, a daydream!

Every dream with Charlie varies and sometimes it becomes too crazy as I can’t control it. I let my heart in the living world do the controlling…

As the sun turns the sky weird patterns and colours like the hippy 60s’ patterns, Charlie kisses me sweetly but tells me he has to leave. As I’m watching my love walk away, I feel that soon, I too, will be leaving this peaceful world, and be thrown back into the hectic life of…well, of me. It’s a hectic life, mine.

I get up and start walking along a cobbled street that has appeared. I see a group of girls chatting and-oh gosh-I’m still in my PJs. A wardrobe appears in front of me, blocking my view and fitting nicely into the space of the storefront. I open the wardrobe door, but only for a second; I already know what I want to wear and the clothes are already there. As I touch the soft fabric, a white silk top and pair of white jeans replace the PJs on my body and my brown hair smoothly pulls itself into a ponytail. Automatically I finger the small A with a cross on a chain around my neck. It’s always here with me in Dreamland-it’s my lucky charm.

I feel the strange confidence that only comes with sleep and make my way towards the people sitting in the park. One notices me before the others and nudges her friends, who turn and watch me approach. Oddly, my dream self is not at all fazed by their whispering and her strides even get bigger.

I smile at them, “Hi, I’m Alicia.”

It just seems the right thing to say.

The End

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