Isobel: Telling the Dream

There's more people in this dream. It's really weird. They're called: Selene, the one who made me a 'Daydreamer' instead of a 'Nightmarer'. I'll have to thank her for that again. She's also one of the girls who normally die in my dream. Katie, a friend of Selene's. She's normally a Daydreamer. Lucky girl. And there's Kona, Selene rescued her too. Kona also normally dies in the dream. They're all really kind.

"You've got glitter in you hair, by the way" Selene points out to me as we eat ice-cream.

"I know. It's my birthday. I was having a party. I forgot I normally have the bad dream" I tell her

"What normally happens in the dream. Only you said 'no' as if something really bad was about to happen" she asks. Everyone's eyes turn to me.


"Oops! We're embarrassing her!" Katie giggles.

"No, it's fine" I say "Every time I sleep on the sofa, I have this bad dream. In it, I see two girls standing side by side. Then this big, black thing comes toward them and whispers something to them. Then they... They fall to the floor. Because they're... dead. And then I feel like they'd been my two best friends in the whole world. And I normally wake up screaming 'no' at the top of my lungs. Only this time, this time I didn't wake up" everyone is silent.

"That must be so bad for you" Kona says quietly.

"It must have been worse for you. Constantly in a bad dream." I say

"And the two girls are...?" Selene asks

"Are you and Kona" I say to her. Then Katie's ice-cream drops off the cone and everyone laughs

The End

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