Selene: No?

I throw the ball of darkness at the nightmarer, but it doesn't hit. Instead the shadow takes it and throws it back three-fold. Suddenly I hear a cry from behind me.


I duck the shadow-ball, pulling Kona down with me and firing a black hole at the rogue. It sucks up the nightmarer and then collapses on itself, like it's supposed to. I turn to the girl.

"No? I can protect myself. I'm Selene, wanna come to the Daydream?" I say.

"Yes, okay. I'm Isobel," she says.

I change all of us into Daydreamers and walk back through the portal. Kona looks like a starving person who's just been given a four course meal. 

"Welcome to the Daydream. Hey, Katie!" I say, waving manically at Katie.

The End

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