Isobel: Birthday

"Hehehe! Suzie, you look so funny! You've got glitter, party popper string, and tinsel in your hair all at the same time!" I giggle

"Ahhh!" Suzie shrieks and runs to the bathroom. We all laugh again. It's not a big party. Just Dylan, Suzie, Ben, Amy and me. Still, I'm having the best 13th birthday ever! Then there's a knock at the door

"Suzie! Your mum's here!" my mum shouts from the kitchen. Suzie rushes out of the bathroom, having not been very successful in fixing her hair, and hugs us all. She kisses Dylan quickly and we all 'oooh'. But it's  not like we don't know they're going out. They've been together for about a month now.  Suzie leaves and we put Family Guy on the telly. Eventually everyone else leaves too, except Amy coz she's sleeping over. I look at the clock, it's midnight. We're both really tired. We cimb into our sleeping bags on the sofas and I push my sparkly blonde hair back. Wait, sparkly? Damn, I'm never gonna get that glitter out. 

"Your eyes look like my cat's eyes when he's hiding under my bed. Like two green orbs" Amy whispers sleepily. I 'hmm' and close my eyes. I don't have time to remember that I always have bad dreams when I sleep on the sofa.




I open my eyes. It's dark, naturally. It always is in the bad dream. I only ever have one nightmare. This is the one I'm in now. I see two girls standing side by side. A dark shape comes towards them. I know what'll happen next. The shape will go up to them. They'll be scared, really scared. It'll touch them both and whisper something to them, and they'll fall to the floor, dead. And then I'll feel like them two girls had been my best friends. And I'll wake up screaming 'NO!' at the top of my lungs... Only this time it's different. This time, as the shape is about to touch them, a dark ball appears in one of the girls' hands. She throws it and a bigger ball comes towards her. It's about to smother them both...

"NO!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs. But I'm not awake. I'm still in the nightmare. 

The End

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