Selene: Rogue Nightmarer

A cry from below makes me look down. My dark blue eyes meet forlorn hazel ones belonging to a girl with short brown hair. One glance tells me she doesn't belong down in the Nightmare. I make the change from Daydreamer to Nightmarer and walk through the portal. I arrive next to the girl. She looks scared. 

"It's ok, I won't hurt you. What's your name?" I ask, trying to look friendly.

"K-k-k-Kona," she stammers. God she's petrified.

"Well Kona, you obviously don't belong here.Come to the Daydream."

"I can't. I've tried and I can't."

"That's because you're dressed as a Nightmarer. Nightmarer's can't leave the Nightmare and Daydreamers can't leave the Daydreams. Come on," I say, turning her clothing into Daydream-wear. We are just about to leave when ther is a hissing behind me. I whip round.

"Crud, rogue nightmarer," I mutter as the black shape advances, I conjure a ball of darkness and prepare to fight. Nightmarers fight with darknes, Daydreamers with light.

The End

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