Kona : Trapped in a Nightmare

Damn this coma. Ever since my parents murder, I'd been in a coma. A coma. Forever sleep. Never awake. It isn't even pleasant sleep... It's a nightmare. I could never leave, until of course, someone wakes me up. My elbow-length brown hair sticks against my face as I run away from Nightmarers who torture you by making you see horrorific memories of your past. They enjoyed making sleepers suffer. Once all the people who spoke my langauge leaves the world to wake up, I am alone. Not that they would want to stay, it's a nightmare. They often leave in the middle of the night, probably screaming their house down. I could go to the Daydream, but everytime I found a portal linked to the otherside, often found high up, as the Daydream is a completely other world on a layer above the Nightmare, I would never be able to cross over. However much I tried, the portal seemed to repel from me, like a magnet. I look up at the other world, and I see happy people wandering around doing what they enjoy. Sometimes, someone up there would see me and wave. I'd wave back. They'd pretend to look sorry for me, but I knew they didn't really. They just cared about how happy their dream was. A blonde girl and a girl with black hair, both beautiful, stand right above me. Maybe they'd look down, and see the terror of the Nightmare. What did I do to deserve this?

The End

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