Selene: Oh, I'm here again.

I get into bed and pull the star patterned duvet under my chin. Sleep comes easily due to my day of clearing out the garage. God there was so much stuff in there. I drift into a dream.


I look at my surroundings and get a sense of déjà vu. Oh, I'm here again. My midnight black hair is in it's usual messy pixie cut. Good. I think I'll be a Daydream for now, though I might change later. As soon as the decision arrives in my head my clothes change- still skinny jeans and a short sleeve top, but all white and the top has a little black D on the sleeve. Daydreamer outfit. I sit on a nearby bench which appears when I want, because the Dreamworld is so unstable,  and wait for others to turn up. They will turn up, because everyone sleeps. I look down at my shoes and laugh. I decided to wear my converse tonight, they're white and the all-stars logo has been replaced with the Daydreamers D. I look up as a voice calls to me from some distance away. I look up and see Katie. I go over and say hi.

The End

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