Lying on road fighting for my life. My eyes refocusing to leave the burning house. The flames covered the little house, black smoke leaving the house and going to the sky making the sunny afternoon a blanket of darkness. It had been a normal day. But isn't that how things change? Things are never as they seem. Good and evil co-existed with each other it has too right? Coughing out the black smoke, people around me saying that everything was going to be ok. Lies, it was all lies. Nothing is ever ok. They said that I was lucky to be alive. Lucky that they reached me before the whole house went up in flames. Not everyone was lucky in life.

Memorises linger, tears fall, heart aches for your loved ones. Never again hear them calling your name. Watch their faces light up when you walk in the room. Cuddling put close when the lighten keeps you awake at night. Smelling cooking smell around the house in the mornings. I had to run runaway from my old life. There was nothing left for me; I didn't want people pitying me. How could they really know how I felt? I didn't just lose a house in the fire. I lost a home. They say your family is your home. Well I didn't have a home, and I didn't have a family.

 A dad, who tells me off for drinking too much. A mum, that dragged me around the supermarket. A little sister, who browed my clothes without asking. Of course there were good times lots in fact. Singling along to radio on a Sunday afternoon, with dad while he did the Sunday dinner. Talking to mum about anything an everything in Redcliff café. Doing my little sisters hair and make-up, and then dancing together in the back yard.


Remember, forever and never forget...


The knock at the door didn't surprise me. Even over the sound of the music on the Cd, I could still hear the footsteps that stopped outside of my door. I loved my new reflexes; the way my body moved to the music was amazing. Gracefully still partly dancing I went to my door and opened it.

"Miss River?" He asked me. The stranger was dressed in a formally in a black suit and navy blue tie. He had spiky blonde hair and shiny green eyes that gave me some sort of a clue of what he was. His scent also seemed familiar to the estate that Ethan nearly took me down this morning.

"Erm yes can I help you?" I told him still standing in the door way.

"This is for you, put it on straight away." He went into his jacket and pulled out a rectangle box and headed it to me.

"Thank you." I say opening the box lid. There nested in black valet was a tiny sliver flower, the flower was a rose bud. I clear fully took the necklace out of the box. "Wow, who's this from?"

"Put the necklace on Galaxy." He instructed. I did as he asked the thin sliver chain felt light against my skin. The rose bud came to the middle of my chest when the necklace was firmly in place I heard the necklace click into place. The sound sent a shiver down my spine. My hand admittedly went to the clip but it wouldn't budge.

"What is this?" I gasp out staring at the stranger. Dammit why did I trust him?

"It will protect you Galaxy." He says then strolls away leaving me puzzled looking after him.  How did he know my name?

The End

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