I was worried about Jessie. Her face was still deathly pale since the time she'd gotten the phone call at the hotel.

We were waiting in a stolen car in a parking lot, trapped since the sun had risen. The witch had told us to come back as soon as the sun had set. I was jittery with hunger, and so was Jessie. We needed to find some sort of blood in the parking garage, but there were security cameras everywhere. If we didn't get blood soon we would go berserk.

Trust me, you do not ever want to see a vampire go berserk.

Jessie was looking at a blind spot I'd just found. It was behind a conveniently parked armored truck, and there was a guard inside.

Yes. Jessie was good.

"A clean bite, no tearing. Drink only as much as you need, and don't kill him." Jessie ordered swiftly. She couldn't shake the tremor in her voice that made me sure she would be berserk in about an hour. I couldn't tell when was the last time she had blood.

The outside air made my skin sting like a beast, because there was some daylight in the garage, but not as bad as open sunlight. I couldn't wait for an overcast day.

She wrenched the door open, being careful about not tearing the hinges off. Then she whacked him unconscious just as he opened his mouth.

Her fangs sank into his neck and after about one minute she came up for air, her pupils dilated. She hasitly wiped her mouth on her black sweater and motioned for me to drink. I did so quickly: I didn't like drinking blood, though my body craved it. I was human once too, a long time ago.

We placed the guard back inside the armored car and shut the door. Jessie didn't look all that happy.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah. Just tired. And I hate those stupid hollywood producers from way back when that said vampires slept in coffins, and the others that said vampires don't sleep at all. It seems so derrogatory. They don't know what the heck they're talking about."

"What sparked this anger?"

"I have no idea." She definitely wasn't in a talking mood.

Sitting in a car with nothing to do gets really old after a while. It had only been ten thirty in the morning when we drank, and only four hours had passed since.

Jessie, apparently, was good at sitting in a car and staring at nothing all day. I wasn't. My leg kept bouncing up and down and I tapped my fingers against the car door.

"Will you stop that?" She snapped.

"Am I annoying you?"

"Yeah, you are. It's still a good six hours till the sun sets. So you'r better try and get on my good side before I decide to stop traveling with you."

"And I can't get along just fine by myself?" I bristled. She turned to look at me with a slack stare.

"Who has the money?"

Curse you. You always have the advantage.

"I'm not answering that." I growled. I'm a sore loser.

"Well we can at least see what's on the radio." She clicked the button and switched through the stations until we found a classics station that wasn't saturated with static. I didn't particularly like much of this stuff but I could deal. Everything else was much worse.

And finally, the sun set. We screeched out of the parking lot and got to the store in five minutes flat. The witch was waiting just inside. She quickly handed us the bag as we passed her the money.

Then we left to find a place to live.

The End

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