"Alright. Linnea, get in," Lavender told me,lifting part of the machine away.

I stared at her, wondering what she meant. Get in? The machine? It was bad enough standing so close to them, as they zoomed pass. I peered inside, to see odd looking chairs. I stared at the man in the front. He looked human, but I knew he wasn't. The tree's called them BLOOD-DRINKERS, and they passed through the forest now and again.

"Come on, Linnea, please. Trust me." she said, sounding desperately. I looked at her closely, and noticed she looked terrified. I would be brave for her. I climbed through the hole in the machine, and I felt the cold material under my fingers. It was very cramped, and I couldn't hear natures voice any more in there. Lavender followed me, and before I could even steady myself, the machine shot forward. I felt like screaming but nothing came out of my mouth. I pressed myself backwards, unable to think properly.

Lavender pulled a black rope over her, sliding it into a small black box. I followed suit, and felt it push tightly onto me. The BLOOD-DRINKER sat in the front looked back at us grinning.

"To Still Waters then?" he asked.

Lavender paled all of a sudden. I wanted him to slow down, as I was starting to get dizzy. The trees were flying past us, till they were nothing but a green blur.

"Your a.. your a vampire aren't you?" Lavender stammered next to me. He didn't say anything, and just grinned at her.

The End

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