"Remember don't take too much, I know that it will be hard but just try." Ethan reminded me again. We were walking in the deserted streets of the early morning. The sun still not up yet but it was close I could feel it.

"I know I feel fine." I told him again.

"Ok, ok look I'll help you." Ethan replied.

"Look I may be a new. Erm. You never did tell me, how long have you being like this." I was still finding it hard to say the word.

"You mean vampire? Gal's just admit what you are." He stopped looking around the corner.

"Don't ever call me that!" I snapped at him hearing something strange like a snarl coming up my throat.

"Touched a nevus there didn't I? Ethan turned to look back at me where I stopped feeling tense. Strange smells lingered around this area it made me very wearily.

"Come on not here. No humans." He took my arm and led me down a narrow dark street.

"Why?" I asked trying to make eye contact with him, but he was too busy dragged me on to another estate.

"Look, we haven't got time for this. We need track down a human so you can feed. You can sense that the sun going to come up as well as I. Then again, it won't kill you." Ethan explained waving

"So what will kill me?" I suddenly asked. A car slowed down next to us wilding the window down. A flood of smells came shooting at me. Oil, alcohol and another smell that I couldn't put my finger on it. Two men were sat in the front of the car a women was also asleep in the back sit.

"Ok, so hears the plan." Ethan quickly whispered it was so fast that I was still human I wouldn't have been able to pick it up. "Lean all your weight on me, then stumble, when I try to catch you just fall. One of them will come over to see if you are alright. That's when you strike." Ethan turned to the car window without giving me anymore expiration. But from what he told me I could pretty much guess what I had to do. Bite. I leant against his side as he instructed, half opening my eyes.

"I'm ever so sorry but, have you got a phone that I could use for my friend here?" Ethan asked switching his tone for them.

"Yes we have is everything alright, she doesn't look too good." One of the men said.

"I'm not sure; I just need to call for a ambulance or something." Ethan told them.

"Wait. Charlie, do you think that this is the best idea?" The other men spoke with a deeper voice.

"I assure you gentlemen, I won't harm your phone, and I'll be very quick." I could hear the double meaning in his sentence. The men spoke quietly together, that's when Ethan whispered in my ear. "Clasp, remember only take what you need. Be quick, Galaxy." I nodded then gracefully I landed on the pavement. That would have hurt, but my skin was harder then before.

"Cooper, give him your phone. Sir, would you allow me to see if your friend is ok, while you call for help?" Charlie asked getting out the call.

"No you go ahead sir." Ethan encouraged.

My eyes where closed, but I could still smell Charlie as he approached me. Ugh beer smell. He lent down to my body, checking my breathing. His neck was in perfect reach, his rich smelling blood that my body was suddenly yarning for. My eye snapped open, hand gripped his body. The both men screamed out, Ethan grabbed hold of Cooper and slammed him against the car.

My teeth bit into his neck, his rich blood followed sweetly down my aching throat. All the pain in my body vanished slowly my muscles relaxed. I could hear that Ethan was feeding too from Cooper. But that didn't matter, I was too busying with my own prey. Once my body finally felt stratified I pushed Charlie off me licking my lips. I could still hear his heart beating I sighed in relief knowing that I was able to do it. I turned to look at Ethan who was casually leaning up against the car. Cooper was sat in the car with his eyes closed.

"So, how I do teach?" I joked bouncing up to him. I couldn't believe that I did it. I didn't kill him.

"Pretty well. Too well. You look a mess." Ethan observed. I looked down at my white cotton t-shirt, that wasn't too white anymore. Blood patches were stained on to the top.

"Eww gross." I said wanting to rip the top off. Ethan laughed.

"You are funny Galaxy. Here, I don't think she mind it if you take one of her tops." Ethan said as he opened the back door and unzipped the girl's bag, who was amazingly still asleep. He gave me the top and turned round giving me so privacy.   

The top was dark blue and tied round my neck and showed part of my back off. It was tight but fitted me perfectly it even showed my flat tummy off.

"It's ok." I told him, he turned and did a double take. It made me brush and I turned away looking back at Charlie. "Will he remember any of this?"

"Not the biting part, he just think that we disappeared or something." Ethan replied picking Charlie up and placing him back in the car.

"O' ok that's not too bad then." I didn't really know what to say.

We headed back to my place hurrying now at our fast speed that frilled me. Ethan suddenly stopped a few feet behind me and took out a small black object. He moved his head from side to side and placed the black object that I guessed was a phone to his ear.  I couldn't hear what he was really saying; it didn't really make any sense to me. Something about searching and why? I moved closer to him and picked the last part of the conversation.

"Well I was looking for a northern town. I, err, like the snow?" The voice on the other end said in a worried tone.

"Go to Montana. Look for Still Waters, vampire." Ethan replied, his voice had changed too. Not like before when he was charming the men. No it seemed darker somehow. Strange. He snapped the phone shut sighed and began running again. I followed a little confused. He was already opening my door and letting himself in to my apartment. I just stood in the door way, suddenly feeling tired. Ethan finally looked at me; he came over and placed his arms around me.

"Wood." He whispered. "That can harm us."

"How long have you being like this?" I echoed his whispering. We walked together in my flat, Ethan lead me to my bed and sat down.

"50years. I was 22 when it happened." I didn't really want to ask anymore about it. Instead I took his hand.

"Are you going to admit it now Galaxy?" He asked his finger touching my jaw line.

"I'm vampire." It sounded silly coming out of my mouth. We both smiled then Ethan kissed me on the lips. I gasped and pulled back, surprised. "What are you doing?"

"This." He says casually taking my head in both of his hands and placing his lips against my own. This time I didn't pull away. I kissed him back, but I didn't feel anything. No electric current or magic spark nothing. I pulled back again and went over to the window. The clouds were coving the morning sky I guess that I could be safe to go out. I went back to the bed and lay down closing my eyes. I heard Ethan leave. Then I was alone. Vampire alone, in a apartment, with humans living there too. This couldn't be good.



The End

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