Jessie: Strong

"Okay, you got a plan?"

"What? Plan?" I asked Marc.

"The plan to stay alive and away from home. Duh."

Crap. I had no plan.

"Umm, find a motel. I have money, and uh, I have no idea. It's called improvising", I said as we weaved our way through masses of people. The airport was huge, and incredibly busy.

Warm cinnamon and sugar and coffee tempted me to buy stuff at the Starbucks and Cinnabon, but I resisted. Just barely.

I tied my brown hair back and pushed my headband back a little.

Finally we made our way outside, where I flagged down a taxi. We hopped in and asked for the cab driver to take us to the farthest hotel he could drive to. He looked at me funny and said he could drive anywhere if we paid him enough.

Well I had more than enough but I only wanted to get somewhere a little less busy.

"Can you get us to a nice hotel where it's a little isolated?" I asked. The driver thought a moment. Looked at us strangely.

"Yeah. But it'll be expensive. Not many nice isolated places here." He grunted. The driver rather stank.

Well, three hundred dollars and five hours later we pulled up outside a place in the countryside that looked like a country club. Damn stupid country clubs. But it was a place to sleep and it looked nice, and I wasn't about to settle for a motel.

I hauled my bag out of the trunk and watched Marc pull out his cheap fabric suitcase and lug it along behind him.

I was happy to notice that I smelled zero vampires and zero non-human creatures. Finally, some peace. I walked in, got a room with two beds, and went to it. I collapsed on the bed, exhausted. Marc didn't say much. Two minutes later I was snoring like a freight train.

Damn light shone between the curtains. I hissed and sat upright. Marc was still sleeping and I decided to get on the computer to look up small towns in the north. I was thinking that if I found a town that was eternlly cloudy then I wouldn't die of the sun killing me.

I drew the curtains quickly closed and peeked out from the side. It was almost evening, the sun was setting. Thank god for that.

My butt returned to the luxuriously padded desk chair and my hands floated to the keyboard.

I had been searching towns for about an hour and a half when a pop-up window appeared. it was black and had a "click here" button. I hesitatingly clicked it, thinking it was probably a virus.

But a huge gray window popped up with only two words on it : Still Waters. I sat there, tapping my chin and thinking about nothing like a moron, for about two minutes. Marc still hadn't woken up.

I typed in Still Waters in the search engine, and suddenly the whole computer shut down.

I cursed repeatedly. What had I just found? The phone rang and I practically jumped out of my skin.


"Why are you searching for Still Waters?" A male voice was breathing heavily on the other end. I had to admit, I was more than a bit freaked out.

"A, uh, window popped up with those two words on it."

"I'm asking you why you were searching for that."

Okay this was scary. "Well I was looking for a northern town. I, er, like the snow?"

"Go to Montana. Look for Still Waters, vampire."

I gasped, slapped a hand over my mouth and slammed the phone down on the base so hard Marc sat up as fast as he could, eyes wild and and having a severe case of bed head.

"What happened?" He asked groggily.

"We're leaving. Get your day clothes on." I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

"What happened Jessie?" Marc gave me another Look.

"It's a long story and I can't explain right now." I looked in a pamphlet on the desk and dialed a taxi number.

We checked out and I told the driver to drive up into Ohio. I heard of a witch there who sold spells for everyone. Didn't matter what side they were on as long as they were the highest bidder.

It took a long time to get there but we got there. I almost forgot to pay the driver until he yelled at me. He got hit in the face by a hastily tossed wad of cash. He shrieked profanities while clutching his eye, which had gotten nailed. I took a moment to grin like a crazy ass teenager.

The shop hung by a thread on the outskirts of the city, a ratty little shop that was named "Enchantress". It was hilarious how many people thought it stood for something else and walked out disgusted.

The winter wind whistled past my ear but I felt no cold. I loved that part of being a vampire.

The door jingled as I opened it. An african american woman with a colorful dress and matching head scarf stared at me.

"Expecting me? Or were you sensing a spirit or some crazy bull?" I hated these types that played on humans' ignorance of the Dark Arts.

"You have come for day walking spells."

Please. Every vampire asked for those, even if they were expensive. She was so not reading my mind or whatever crap she tells everyone she can do. Witches. So predictable.

"Well duh. Doesn't everyone ask for those?"

She looked at me stonily.

"I can prepare one that will last eleven months but you must give me all day tomorrow to prepare."

"Fine." I snapped. "We can pay a reasonable price. You aren't a monopoly." I made sure she knew that. My feet took me around the tiny little store. looking at all the "magical" things she sold.

All the real magic was in the back room, which she reserved for doing business for vampires of all sorts.

See, most witches are devoted to selling to only one side. Perfectionii, or no Perfectionii. But pretty much everyone was for the Perfectionii because they had their evil touch everywhere. And you could almost never find a witch who wouldn't sell to the Perfectionii. Everyone was scared of the Vampire council.

"So what do you know about a town called Still Waters?" I asked absently. I looked out of the corner of my eyes to see the witch with a shocked expression on her ebony face. I turned my whole body to face her. "What?"

"You'd better leave." She whispered.

"Not before we get our spells." I twisted a cord of iron thread into my words that said the decision was final. "And I can pay you extra to tell me about it."

"Not me. Not me please not me. I am for both sides I cannot tell you about it least they find out some way." The witch was actually shaking with fear.

I wondered what exactly I had stumbled onto.

The End

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