Vampire. Vampire. The word just didn't sink in. Even when I was looking into my bathroom mirror. Knowing of what I had become, not by choice either. The reflexion in the bathroom mirror was a girl. But she looked older strange and very beautiful. Slim petite body pale, her hair was black as night and long straight passed her shoulders. What shocked me the most was the girl's eyes. The girl who she thought was standing there hand sapphire blue eyes. However the girl in the mirror had slivery blue ones.    

"Are you nearly finished in there?"

"Coming." Both her and the girl in the reflexion said together. My voice seemed different; the voice suited the girl in the mirror. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me stepping out into my bedroom. He wasn't in my room, but I could hear him in the main room. In fact I could hear everything. The dripping tapes from the shower head, next door television on the shopping channel, then the floor under me a couple having a row. The couple were having a argument, the man thought she was having an affair with his best friend.

I tired to ignore it the best I could, but I was hard to block them out. Block everything out, like the light thudding sounds. I looked round and went over to my wardrobe, a little too fast it seemed. I found some dark blue jeans breathing in the denim. A white cotton t-shirt and slipping my black knee length boots on.

After getting dress I walked slowly into the main room. Sweet scents flicked across me. Ethan. He was sat casually on my black leather settee, reading one of my book that I dump there the other day. He looked up his face scanning me up and down. He smiled and said. "Hmm you took your time." I gasped and looked away. I sensed his body next to mine, then his finger that didn't seem cold now, lift my chin up making me look into his golden eyes. "But, I'm glad." Then lightly kissing me on my forehead.

His hands were on my shoulders mine on his, we were just looking into each other eyes. Suddenly, something burned all round my body aching pain in my muscles, my throat feeling too dry.

"You need to feed." He observed pushing me back still holding my shoulders.

"Ok." I let go of him, waiting for him to bite his wrist for me. But he just stood there. "Well aren't you?"

"You need blood yes, but my blood won't satisfier you the same. You need fresh blood. Human preferably." He explained taking my hands.

"But. I. I don't know. How or?" I stuttered.

"Don't worry I'll help you. But you're best to have a bag first to keep your thirst down." He took me into my kitchen letting go of my hands and bending down to my fridge. I was puzzled what did he mean by bag? Then I saw what he had in his hand. Blood bag. I leaned back playing with my sliver hooped earrings.

"It's not the greatest thing but, it will help the burn and the aching feeling that's going around your body." He told me in a soft voice taking my hand away from my ear. "Just try it, Galaxy it will help you. Please." He nearly begged me. Ethan ripped the top of the bag, letting the scent fill the room. It was strange fairly tempting but something was missing.

"I'll try, Ethan. But I don't know, if I could." I replied eyes locked on the bag in his hand.

"Just try Galaxy." He moved the bag of blood closer to me. I breathed in the blood again. Then without realising it my mouth was around the rip and the blood dripping down my throat. It was gone in a matter of minutes.






The End

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