Galaxy: Again


"Ugh ahh, what?" I groaned my throat feeling shore, a thick sweet taste still linger in my mouth. It hurt to open my eyes, the sun creeping in though the blinds felt painful on my eye lids. My body felt stiff as I moved my painful body over in the bed.

"What. Who did this?" I mumbled out. I felt something thick and damp on my pillow case. I had to blink a few times to wake my gorgy eyes. I gasped then I shot up.

"Ahh, what is this? How did that get there?" I gasped out in pain and confusion staring down at the damp dark stain. "O' god." I lifted the quilt back it was all over the bed. And all over me. My light blue dress had dark red stained purple marks all over.

"Ugh my god. How much did I drink last night?" Closing my eyes trying think.

"The question you should be asking is. What did you drink?" I jumped up out of the bed. His deep voice startled me, and then he came in the room.

"What?" I whispered, not taking my eyes off him.

"What ? Thought I told you last night. O'forgot your mind probably can't remember much. My bad." He moved a few more steps towards me, I stepped back hitting the bare brick wall. He smiled moving towards the blind and closing it properly. Making me relax only slightly, still leaning against the wall.

"Relax will you." He told me coming towards me. "I turned you last night; well not fully you still need something to complete it."

"Turned? In to what exactly? And how." I questioned.

"A vampire." He told me simply, we were face to face. His sweet breath against my skin.

"What? That means you're a vampire." I said in a quite voice.

"Yep pretty much. And your blood good and I don't mean in taste." He moved his hand to trace my collar bone sending silvers all over my body.

"How did you?"

"Sharing blood. But."

"But what?" My breathing coming out fast, his cold ghostly hand was gently holding my neck.

"You didn't take a lot of my blood. Sometimes happens."

"Why are you doing thi"-

Ethan cold body pinned my painful body harder against the wall. I gasped then weakly trying to move, but it was useless.

"Don't fight with me. Just behave Galaxy." He whispered. I was still struggling, he sighed heavily then scooped me up and took me back to the bed.

The End

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