I sensed her, before I saw her. The tree's were whispering a word, I had never heard before. I didn't know whether that was because these were unfamiliar trees, or because whatever was coming up, was something I had never met before.

I debated fading into the trees so I could watch without being seen, but curiosity took over. Plus, I didn't know these trees. I didn't trust them. 

When I saw her I stopped. She looked human, but I wasn't so sure. People could mistake me for a human being, if it wasn't for my  unnatural pale skin, and the beautiful vines that ran down my body. 

 She had long, raven hair that seemed to shine in the light, sending blue-green strands shivering down her hair.  Her eyes were a lavender-grey set below cleanly arched eyebrows and above her elegant high cheekbones. She was very tall and slender, with skin paler than mine. Her skin was smooth, but for a small scar under her left eye. 

I sniffed her discretely, and from her aura I got a sense of something...mystical. No, she was definitely not human, or even a nymph. I stared, but I didn't say a word. I could be patient, and wait for her to make the first sound.

She stared back, and then glanced behind her. I saw a look of fear flash across her face, and I stepped forward slowly. I felt the air in front of me, and I noticed a disturbance.

"Help me." She said quietly. She looked behind her again, and I stared questioningly. "Please. I need somewhere to go." There was panic in her voice, and I nodded. I beckoned her to follow me, and began to run to the left of me. There was a clearing ahead- one we had always been told to keep clear of, due to dangerous machines that drove up and down it. She could find a way out of the forest that way.

I didn't say a word, and just ran. Looking behind me, I saw she was keeping up, and I began to test her. I increased the speed of my pace, and so did she. Soon, I was running faster than I had ever run, and incredibly she was keeping up. So she was fast. Now and again, she looked behind her. I slowed my pace, till I was at a slow jog, and she came to my side.

"Thanks. I'm Lavender." She told me. I smiled at her, but didn't tell her my name. The tree's kept whispering that word I didn't know, and I didn't know what to make of it, or her. 

"What's yours?" She asked me. My name. Linnea, born from the lime tree, lived in the oak tree. I decided I would break my silence, and trust her with my name.

"Linnea. My name is Linnea." She smiled at me. 

"Nice to meet you Linnea." 

I could hear the sounds of the machines in the grey clearing ahead, so I stopped. I didn't want to go near there. I didn't want to see the clearing, and all it's dangers. 

"It's ahead. There is a clearing, and it marks the end of the forest." I turned to her, and took her hand. "Take care, Lavender. The clearing can be dangerous." She looked ahead, and then faced me. 

"Thank you, Linnea. But what about you?" She said. I laughed.

"I'm going to run. Just keep on running." I told her. 

"Then run with me. I'm running to, and I could do with some company." 

I let go of her hand, and stepped back. I looked at the forest, and breathed in the air. To leave the forest, would be the biggest adventure and I wasn't sure if I was ready for it. Only this morning I had sat in the branches, but then I had saw the death and destruction. What could the forest ever hold for me now?

But was I ready to leave? What would the world be like without the whispers of nature, guiding me on my way. I turned to her, and took in her desperation. 

"Okay. I will come." I grinned and she laughed. But as we turned to the clearing, I saw her quickly look behind her, the panic flashing in her eyes still. I was just running, but it was clear she was running from someone. But who? 




The End

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