Marc: Tired

"You tired yet?" I asked Jessie, whose eyelids kept half closing. My voice startled her awake. She prtend-smacked my arm.

"Yes! And you just woke me. Idiot."

"Sorry. But it's almost midnight you know. You should be tired. It's a loooong flight to the good old US of A." I was still glad to get back home.

"Sounds like you come from there."

"Well... Yeah. I'll bet it's changed a lot since I left." It had. Trust me, I knew. I read the newspapers, I watched the television. War, disease. Shopping, fast food chains. But it was still better than being stuck in France with mother dearest. What a monster she was.

 I was starting to get really tired. But I wanted to talk. After so many years of being captive... I needed to talk.

"So what makes you all grumpy and everything?" I smiled. She looked sadly at me.

"It's a long story, vampire." Ah. So she suspected. All the better. I knew she was one too. "We have more than enough time here." I leaned a little closer to her.

She sighed. "Should I start at the beginning?"

"Not if it pains you."

She gave me a What??? look but continued. "Well I was coming home with some friends and I went inside and it was..." She choked on the words.

"It was?" I said softly.

"Covered with blood. All of it. Everything. The whole house." She whispered. "And my father. The bodies. Everywhere!" She gasped suddenly then clamped a hand over her mouth and turned her head so her thick brown hair sheilded her from view.

Crap. Her father must have had a bloodfeast. That was bad. Those were outlawed by the Perfectionii a long time ago. This sounded like a big one. I laid a hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her in some way. "That wasn't a long story."

"I know."

"Well I'll bet you can't top my story," I whispered to her. She turned her face back to me. I still wasn't sure I wanted to say it but there was no turning back now.

"Tell me. Tell me so I will stop feeling sorry for myself." Jessie ventured a smile. "Please."

I felt a flush of heat through my cheeks. Not because she was pretty and a girl but because it seemed like some one actually cared. For once. About what happened to me. And because she was pretty.


The End

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