Lavender Wilcox

  The stairs creaked under my feet, making me wince with every step. It was dark in this tower, though the sun was shinning on a beautiful afternoon outdoors. My ears strained for any noise, but I only heard my own noise and the sound of bird song outdoors. My heart pounded in my head as I neared the landing, the large, imposing wood door facing me.

   It was the image from my dreams. I gulped, reaching for the rusty door handle in the dim light. Holding my breath, I pushed it open and quickly stepped inside.

   A fit of coughing took me as a shower of dust powdered my head and jacket. I shook my hair out, looking about the large, circular room.  Golden wavering candlelight lit the room, the only occupants at the time being a few spiders crawling about on their silver webs.  Opposing bookshelves towered high above, filled with not only rows and rows of ancient books, but the oddest of trinkets and bottles on display.

   I took a shaky breath, looking around me. This was going to be nearly impossible. But I had to start somewhere.


  I looked at my watch-about an hour and a half had passed since I had entered this strange library.  Would I ever find it? I I did not wish to return to this odd, mysterious place if I had the choice. I was desperate. Setting the book I was flipping through aside, I closed my eyes, butterflies jumping about in my stomach.

    Reaching deep within me, I could feel the warm, lovely sensation of magic making it's way through my limbs. I murmured the words under my breath, realising some of the magic from me, though I could still feel it's tendrils tugging at me and my energy.  My eyes still closed and my trust totally enveloped in the magic, I stood from my chair and walked blindly across the room, the feeling of my head in the clouds and floating off the floor enveloping me.

     I staggered as I completely let go of the magic, drunk and stumbling for a moment from the quick energy drain.  I gasped as I was holding a book in my hand, facing the hole in the shelf from where the book had come. I didn't notice the particular book I was holding, other than it was incredibly heavy in my hand, as I knew where I was looking now.

     Holding my breath, I placed my hand in the empty space on the bookshelf, pensively feeling about. My heart stopped as my hand grabbed about a thin, cool chain. I eagerly snatched it out, holding it before my eyes.  A silvery-lavender jewel on a silver chain hung before my face, glowing so brilliantly that it filled the room with silver and lavender the color of my eyes.

    I clenched my fist about it, the light dying, as I heard a few near silent creaks coming up the stairs. My heart fluttered, my hands shaking as I backed up to the furthest wall, my eyes glued to the door.  I bumped into a heavy curtain as the door flew open, revealing a dashing man with a look of fury and hunger on his handsome, ageless face.  A vampire.

    "You!" he hissed, pointing a shaky finger at me. "You and all your family will die!"

    I tightened my jaw, holding out the jewel again before me, shouting out a word that I didn't even know what it meant. It was the first thing that came to me, infuriated by his ugly threat.  Magic shook me like thunder as the jewel shone like the sun, the vampire squealing and shrieking hideously.  My energy was draining dangerously as my vision blurred and my head swam.

    I tripped backwards, falling through the curtain and then through a glassless window.  The light of the jewel faded as I fell through the air, screaming with terror as I looked to the blanket of trees and branches below me. I covered my head with my arms and prepared for a crash landing.

   The leaves whipped my face and the branches lashed at my body and tore at my clothes as I neared the ground. Looking at the hard dirt, I waited for my body to slam against it. But there was a pause from my free fall. What the.....?

    The jewel hung from my hand, touching the ground as I floated a few inches above it. Slowly I put my hand other hand on the ground, and, unsure, I put my feet down.  I stood up, but too fast, the world spun  around me and I fell against the closest tree, breathing heavily.

    As I regained my balance and vision, I looked around. Where was I?  The tower from which I fell was no where in sight, and the vampire would've already caught up to me by now or had been very close.

    I heard the crunching of leaves, of quick, running footsteps. Was it the vampire, and would I be able to face him and make it out alive?  I gulped, raising my hands and the jewel, preparing to use my last bits of energy to defend myself.

    A beautiful, ginger haired girl decorated with vines and leaves appeared out of the trees, running like wind. She stopped at the sight of me, and I lowered my hands, staring back at her.



The End

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