I was lay in my favourite tree, singing softly. Bird's tweeted, from other branches, and the tree was whispering me it's secrets. I love tree's secrets. There always so mysterious and old. 

The oak tree I was in, was telling me of the humans who had walked through this forest. I loved talks of humans, but not many tree's liked to talk about them. The most I normally got was 'MAN-WITH-FIRE' or 'BEAST-WITH-AXE'. But my beautiful oak tree was telling me of the travelling men, who had wondered through peacefully over the centuries. 

I laughed, and the tree shook gently. I stroked his rough branch softly, and I felt the faint pulse. Soft leaves tickled my arm, and I squirrel climbed up, to sit with me on the branch. 

Just then, I heard I noise. It was the most horrifying noise, I had ever heard in all the years I had walked the Earth. It was like an angry buzz, that was coming closer and closer. I moulded into the tree, and manoeuvred down to the bottom of the trunk. I heard the tree whisper to me, to hide. "MAN-WITH-AXE" he shouted quietly over and over. Man? I had never seen man before. I made myself camouflaged against the bark of the tree, and moved my eye's round to see where the man was coming from.

Then I got a glance of blonde hair, and blue eyes. He was tall, and his muscular body showed under his black shirt. On his head, there was a red hat, and he wore blue pants made of a material I had never seen. His face was pulled into concentration, and his chin was full of small whispers of blonde hair. My heart ached for him. He looked so...masculine. 

I was too hypnotised by him to notice the strange, sharp tool in his hand, or the warnings of my old friend, oak tree. I slowly appeared out of the tree, and moved closer to the man. Then he spotted me. He stared,and then pressed a button on his tool. The buzzing stopped. I waited for him to say something, but he just stared back. I giggled. 

Just then, two other dryad's jumped at him, from behind the tree's. They clawed at him, and I cried out. How could they? How could they hurt him like that? Tears flooded from my eyes and I reached out for him, but someone from behind grabbed me. I watched, as the taller of the Dryad - who I recognised as Aspen- pulled out a sharp twig, and pushed it into the man's heart. He fell to the ground, and the dryads disappeared into the trees once more. 

I wanted to scream. I felt the arms loosen from my arms, and I ran to the man. He looked so peaceful lay there, but my eyes were drawn to his wound. I tried to help him, but it was too late. This angel that had been sent for me, had been snatched away. Why?! Why did they do that?! 

"MAN-WITH-AXE-CHILD" I heard oak tree whisper to me, and I cried out. I knew the stories, that men killed tree's cruelly, but how could I believe that this breath-taking creature could harm anyone so wise and old. 

I stood up, and looked round. I couldn't stay here, in this place of death. I spat at the ground, and I heard gasps come from the hidden trees. I lifted my dress from the ground, turned and ran. I ran so fast, with the wind whipping my ginger hair behind me. I could feel the earth under my bare feet, and the whispers of the trees begging me to come back. 

I ran so far, so fast, and I vowed never to come back.


The End

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