"So what's your name pretty girl"? His deep voice came from behind me.

"Galaxy River." I replied to him I had to speck louder because of the music in the club.

"That's an unusual name. But it suites you. My names Ethan by the way." Ethan replied to me. Ethan had golden eyes which something that I never seen before. Pretty freaky really. His jet black hair shined in the club lights.

"Do you want to dance?" He asked taking my hands and pulling me to the dance floor. I didn't really have a choice, good thing I can dance I thought.

His cool hands went around my waist, pulling me close to his muscular stone cold chest. He seemed impress that I could actually dance, after a few more drinks we slipped out the club.

"Night cap at your place then?" He whispered into my ear, his breath was soo cool against my skin.

"Sure, just a quick drink though." I smiled he took my hand and we went into a taxi. His arm slipped round me making me breath in his sweet scent. The taxi driver gave me a strange look when he looked in the mirror. Ethan seen the taxi driver look, his face changed and a very strange noise escaped his lips. Some sort of a snarl or something.

When we reached my studio flat I went into my kitchen and reached for two glasses.

"Nice place, you got here." He was in the main room looking at the little furniture.

The glass slipped from my hands making it smash onto surface, never did have good reflexes.

"Dam!" I shout when I notice that a piece of glass went into my hand. Something cold creped round my body, making me silver.

"Hmm, this could hurt." His ghost white fingers slide over my hand taking the glass out. My blood flowed out of my palm. Ugh the sight of blood made my tummy turn. Ethan still had hold of my hand, when I looked at him his face looked strange like in the taxi.

"This won't hurt you." He whispered in my ear, before I could speck his cold ghostly figure touch my red lips. He brought my hand to his mouth, my blood stained his mouth. When I tried to move away, his strong grip on hand tightened. I wiggled as hard as I could trying to get free. A dark laugh came out of his mouth, which made my skin crawl. Next thing I new he picked me up and placed me on the double bed.

The room was black and he was nowhere to be seen. Then he was lying next to me, holding me down.

"Are you going to behave?" He purred to me kissing my wrist, arms working his way up to my neck. "Because if your not then well. I can make this very difficult and painful."

"W.ww what arrre Youuu going too doo?" I could barely get my words out.

"Turn you, something good in your blood." He simply said. His lips touched mine, my blood was still on his cold lips.

Then he did something strange. He suddenly bit his own wrist, before I could say anything his wrist was suddenly in my mouth. His sweet blood flowed down my throat. As I drank his blood I felt a shape pain in my neck, then blackness over took me.

"Good girl." He purred to me kissing my neck again.

The End

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