Jessie: Run away

After seeing my father like that, with those bodies, I've had serious daddy issues. I mean, I knew we were vampires and everything but all this was just wrong. What he was doing was above and beyond the Blood Limit Law laid down by the Perfectionii. Do not consume any more blood than is needed. Humans are, for now, our pnly source for life. That's what father always told me. What happened? And did my mum know? Worse, was she doing it too?

That night I ran to the other set of stairs that weren't covered in blood and locked myself in my room, dumping the contents of my school bag on my carpeted floor and shoved random black clothes in my bag. I gulped as cold tears ran down my face and dripped off my nose. Vampires cried cold tears, even though we are always room temperature. It's really weird.

I heard my father banging on my door, screaming for me to come out. A series of sobs racked my body as I shoved open the window and jumped out. I ran to my Volvo sedan and screamed away, tires screeching. Father stood, covered in blood on the driveway, staring at me with burning eyes.

 Then I went to the airport, bought a ticket for the USA. I wasn't sure exactly where but when I went to sit down, I saw a man with dark short blond hair mussed around a bit that looked about eighteen sitting across from me in the cheap airport seating. There was something off about him that I couldn't put my finger on. He seemed to have an air of cold seriousness about him as he read his newspaper.

Eighteen year olds didn't read newspapers.

I blinked, realizing he wasn't human. But I couldn't tell what he was until he looked up at me and dissolved his seriousness with a grin.

Vampire. And his grin didn't look all that friendly.

Oh crap.

The End

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