a title that makes no sense makes total sense to the group of vampires who live in northern Colorado, trying to escape the bloodthirsty Vamp Hunters who have been hunting so long they can't tell good from bad. And the vampires hiding are some of the precious little good.

I threw my head back and roared with laughter with all of my "friends". Vampires was the better term. And I was one of them. Born into an old english line of vampire royalty, I was the important heir and princess of the Worthingtons. Pitiless and cruel, but fair, were my family.

My long, brown curls bounced around my shoulders as my violet/gray eyes sparkled at Jeffrey when he swept me out of my chair and led me onto the dancefloor of the club.

I laughed when his long-ish black hair flopped into his eyes and refused to get brushed back behind his ears. He tugged at the collar of his uniform shirt for Seyfried English Academy. None of us had bothered to change out of uniform since they had just got out of school. Since it was a half day (well, half night), we got let out before the sun came up and we could still get in the parties around Oxford at night.

Jeffrey twirled her and laughed with. All too soon it was over and Jeffrey sat in the back seat of Mercedes' Ferrari with me. He played with my golden key necklace, harmless flirting as I twisted a lock of his hair between my fingers. The car had come to my estate. Jeffrey leaned over close to me and whispered, "Bye Jessie." I waved bye to everyone and started up the long tiled walkway to my front porch steps.

I burst in through the patio doors like an actor onto a stage (I could be known for being dramatic). I shouted "I'm ba-ac-" And fell short of finishing my statement of the complete obvious. The cream marble floor was streaked with copious amounts of blood. Fresh blood. So was the furniture, and the stairs, and the dining room. The walls had splashes of blood all over them, and I saw my father on the stairs, hair matted with blood and leaning over a human girl with an open throat.

I stared, mouth hanging open at the massacre. My father looked pannicked.

"Darling, honey let me-"

"WHAT THE HELL?" I shouted like an American.  Vampires didn't do this. They didn't do this!! This was a bloodfeast, a messy one. Vile, vulgar, obscene, grotesque, animal, abhorred, revolting. Utterly despicable. And I thought my family were respectable vampires.

That was the night I discovered everything I ever thought was wrong.

The End

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