Frankie Nolan - Taken by Tobias

I slept like a log on the first night back, it might have been because i was extremely glad to be back and was eager to get started. My alarm sounded at 7am the next morning, i dragged myself sleepily out of bed and shuffled into the bathroom to get washed.

After I had washed my face i felt much more awake and ready for whatever the day could throw at me. I meandered back into my bedroom and began to stifel through my still packed suitcase in search of my school uniform.

I was just straighening my school tie and pulling my purple jumper (the colour for Lloyd George house) over my head when where was a soft tap on my bedroom door and i opened it to find Rose standing in the doorway.

"Morning" I said stifelling a yawn and giving her a smile.

"Morning" she replied, "Are you ready to come down to breakfast?" she asked.

"Yeah, give me two minutes, i'll just sort out my bed hair and put some makeup on and i'll be ready" I said earning myself an eyeroll from Rose as I retreated back into my room and seized my hairbush.

It didnt take me that long to do my hair and put on some mascara and foundation but i could still hear Rose tapping her foot impatiently from outside my room. I grabbed my bag and my room key which was hanging from a nail protruding from the wall by the door and locked my room, linked arms with Rose and made my way down to breakfast accompanied by Jack and a new guy called Tobias who I thought looked rather cute.

“So how long have you been at DMA?” Tobias asked as we all sat down at a table in the dining hall with our breakfast. “Since first year,” 

"Cool" Tobias replied smiling weakly, i could see that he was a little bit overwhelmed by it all and he seemed to find comfort by shifting his gaze and looking down at his black coffee and taking a sip.

“Not a breakfast man?” I asked him, “Strictly coffee in the morning,” he answered giving me a warm smile which showed white teeth which were stained slightly, suggesting that he drank a little too much coffee.


After we were all fed and watered we all went down to assembly where we were greated warmly by the headmaster, who took the assembly in the usual fashion whereby he would welcome us back then tell us which students were heads of houses and sports captains. I was thrilled to find myself head of Lloyd George along with Jarif Naring and the Badminton sports captain.

“What lesson do you have first?” I asked Tobias when the assembly finished.

“I don’t know, I don’t have a timetable…” he said looking panicked and slightly embarressed.

“You need to collect it from the school office; I’ll show you where it is.” I offered taking his hand and leading him towards the office.

"So what was your other school like?" I asked him as we walked down corridor after corridor in unbeariable silence which i had to break.

"It was a hell of a lot different to this place, but i couldnt refuse a chance to come here, i mean its like the best school there is!" he enthused and i smiled warmly at him. He was so right, it was simply the best school around, no wonder all the pupils who come here are brainboxes.

We reached the office and Tobias collected his timetable from the office and ran his finger down the column that read Monday - Period One.

"So, what lesson you got?" I asked him.

He smiled, "I have a study period first thing on a monday morning, thankyou god" he said thrusting his arms into the air and grinning.

"Fab, well I better go, I have Creative Writing class first thing and I dont want to be late."

"Oh okay then" he said looking crestfallen, I turned to walk away but he placed a hand on my arm to stop me, "Please let me walk you there?" he offered and my face went scarlett.

Hiding my face in my hands I nodded my agreement and we set off down the hall in the direction of my class.

The End

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