Ty Breakwell

Waking up that morning was Hell, I’d only been asleep for 4 hours and now I had to be up and dressed in some sort of uniform; a sickly yellow jumper, grey trousers and all the rest. The yellow made me look ill and the trousers were just a little short on my long legs. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, I opened it and saw a smiling guy just outside. He had a blue jumper on and I immediately thought I was wearing the wrong thing,

“Hey I’m Jack,” he held out his hand for me to shake,

“Is my jumper meant to be blue?” I asked, he smiled a little surprised and dropped his hand.

“No, you’re in Churchill, they’re yellow… unlucky! Aren’t you the head of the house?”

“I don't know why… I’m new, I know nothing!” I smiled,

“You must have had a good transcript.” Jack flicked his black hair and leant against the wall. He had an obvious American accent and he was tanned, evidently from the South. “Anyways, I’m here to show you around for the first few days.”

“Cool,” I smiled, “I’ll grab my bag.”

“You don’t need bags at breakfast,” Jack grinned; I reappeared, stepped into the corridor and closed my dorm door. “First we’re calling on Rose,” he informed me.

“Rose?” I asked,

“Yeah, the heads of Asquith stick together,” he smiled as we walked down the corridor and knocked on Rose’s door. She appeared a little flustered and we were introduced. She was a pretty blonde with blue eyes; her skin wasn’t fair though - she was quite tanned.

At breakfast I met Frankie, Jarif and was told the name of this guy called F.J. and girl called Holli. Jack escorted me to assembly and I sat next to Frankie, she kept glancing at me and each time I smiled at her.

The headmaster entered the assembly hall, everyone stood up in a sign of respect. “Good morning, please take a seat,” called the headmaster, everyone sat down in unison. “Welcome back to DMA, this year is going to be our best yet. We have gained 75 new students, 20 academics and 20 sports and arts scholars. I smiled as I remember I was one of the 20 new sports scholars.

“Firstly we shall award positions to the 6th form. Our heads of house are Jack Simmons and Rose Bride for Asquith, Heads of Atlee, Freddie-Joe Compton and Chloe McFarland. Ty Breakwell and Alice Hollisen for Churchill. Heads of Lloyd George are Jariff Naring and Frankie Nolan.” There was an applause which dwindled, the headmaster began a new list.

“Sports captains, Ty Breakwell, Freddie-Joe Compton, Chloe McFarland, Kendall Heights, Cassandra O’Reilly, Rose Bridge and Frankie Mai Nolan. Lastly our head boy and head girl are Harrigan Hopestead and Elizabeth Clarkson-Smith.” There was a new applause and the two heads went to collect their gowns. “A particular congratulations to our new students who have gained positions of power, we don't like to discriminate our transfer students. DMA are proud to have such a diverse array of student. I trust you all had a good summer, wherever you were. I spend the two month break in Mongolia exploring the environment which I'm sure you'll hear...." I switched off. A few minutes later he closed his filofax and smiled. "Thank you for listening, you should go to your first lesson now, have a good day.” The headmaster left the room and everyone stood up again.

“What lesson do you have first?” Frankie asked me,

“I don’t know, I don’t have a timetable…” I said, Frankie smiled,

“You need to collect it from the school office; I’ll show you where it is.” She smiled and we headed to the office together.

The End

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