Cassandra O'Reilly

I was late for breakfast, of course. I came in just as the warning bell sounded and people started finishing up. 

I grabbed a cup of juice and bowl of cornflakes, and went to sit by myself over at a window. While gobbling down my food, I noticed there was some attention being given to F.J. Compton and a new girl who came in together. I didn't know F.J. at all, really, except that he seemed a bit too sure of his self for my liking... Just because he was different, he didn't need to make a big deal of it. I hoped the new girl was nice, "Holly" I heard people whispering. But spelled with an "I".

"Damn." I muttered, as I noticed a little bit of milk on my clean, red jumper. The whole uniform, I had a bit of an issue with, really. The skirt was so long that it was always getting tangled up in my legs, the jumper was scratchy and I always managed to make the whole of it look messy.

"Doing alright?" asked a voice at my shoulder. 

I looked up, it was Jeremiah, a boy here on an academic scholarship. We were friends, I hung out with him and his best mate Jeremy sometimes, but they knew each other too well for it always to be comfortable chilling together. 

"How are you?" I asked.

"Good, you're late again, I see." commented Jeremy. "We were just on our way to assembly, you coming?"

"Just a sec." I gulped down the last of my breakfast, moments before the second bell rang. 

"Hello boys!" Exclaimed a voice behind us. It was a girl called Adeline, she was friends with the J's too, but so loud and bouncy that I went quiet whenever she was around. In her wake she carried two girls, Amber and Jessica. They were both rich, rich, rich, and they weren't afraid to show it. 

I looked around for an escape; it was too early to deal with their loud, raucous giggling.

The End

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