Jack Simmons

Okay, so Breakfast was okay, saw my friends, met some new ones. Met the other guys in the class. F.J. and Ty and Jarif, all pretty weird names, but then again, I was the American, and never lost the accent, something I was kinda proud of. Course, as I ate my way through three scones and a croissant, I looked over towards the door.

F.J. came in with none other than Holli Charmonte. Talk about a small world, Holli and I went way back, and I mean waay back, to when we were like, two. I hadnt seen her in nearly three years, but my stomach still dropped to the floor when she walked through the door. I kept eating and tried to keep casual, a smile on my face. F.J. and her may or may not be dating, but I didnt know for sure, given her general aloofness towards guys, I doubted it, that was also cuz of the rumor that he might be gay. I didnt know about that either. The chatter continued but I didnt pay a whole lot of attention, then the bell rang and we all stood up.

I really hope she doesnt notice that I'm here. I only just got things settled. I hope Rose doesnt think I've got anything going on with her. Here I thought I might have the chance to date a decent girl for once.

With those thoughts spinning around in my head, I headed off to first period with my friends.

The End

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