Holli smiled and waved goodbye, rumours had flitted around practically overnight that she and I had something going on. But in all honesty, she had come to me last year on advice about what she was going to wear to her cousins wedding, and since then, we've had a strong friendship. She sees me as her (nearly gay) friend(which according to her is the "ultimate accessory") , and I see her as something to kill time with.

I smiled at the table of sixth formers weakly as they oggled at me. I waved goodbye to Holli before joining the rest of my hokey team mates at our usual table by the biggest window on the most eastern side of the dining hall. Most of the hokey team members were older than me, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they only respected me because last year I convinced my dad to buy a crap-load of new equipment for us. 

And I don't even like sports!

'Why are all those people staring at you, F.J?' Marnie, our goal-keeper, asked. Her brows were furrowed as she addressed me with my much-loathed nick-name. "F.J"... I sound like a tacky white rap star, and everyone knows that all white rap-stars(excluding eminiem) are terrible. But I live with it as it seems everyone, including my own twin, has taken to calling me this.

'Maybe because I'm so damn sexy?' I replied in a bored voice, picking up Marnie's sandwhich and eating it. 

'Maybe you should stop being so cocky!' Joesef, another member, said quickly back. 

'You know you want me.' I grinned devilishly, licking my lips at him, which caused him to recoil in horror. 

'I got to go, the bell just went for the second time.' Joesef said, quickly changing the conversation. 

'Your right, See you later.' I jumped up off my seat, waving my friends goodbye as I skipped merrily towards my classroom. I was thrown a few comments related to my gender preference, but I send air-kisses back in return. 

It felt good to be back at school.

The End

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