Rose Bridge

My phone buzzed on my bedside table at 7am, I groaned and rolled over but couldn’t fall back asleep because I knew there was a message sat there waiting for me. Reluctantly I rolled back over and lifted the phone off the table, shielding my eyes from the bright light on the screen I read the message.

You up yet? It was from Jack.

I wasn’t but I am now, thanks to you! I replied rolling out of bed.

A few moments later there was a brief knock on the door, I opened it to find Jack on the threshold. I blushed as I realised I was standing there in my pyjamas with most probably the worst bed-hair Jack would have ever seen. He smiled and leant against the door,

“Morning sleepyhead,” he smiled, “I was wondering if you wanted to grab some breakfast but I can see it’s not the best time.”

“Give me ten minutes!” I told him,

“Sure,” he agreed. I closed the door and ran a brush through my hair. I hadn’t unpacked yet so I sifted through my suitcases trying to find my school uniform. I pulled it out and groaned, I’d forgotten how ugly it was. I slid into the long grey skirt and white blouse; I pulled on the blue V-neck jumper and then put on some tights. I was applying my makeup as there was a second knock on the door; I opened it to find Jack with another guy at his side. The guy was muscular and tall, he had sandy-brown hair and sparkling blue eyes which met mine.

“Morning,” he nodded, I didn’t know his name.

“This is Tobias Breakwell,” Jack introduced, “he’s a transfer,”

“Everyone calls me Ty,” he added smiling,

“I’m Rose,” I grinned shaking his hand, “nice to meet you,”

“Ready?” Jack asked signalling towards the dinning hall.

“I’m just going to call on Frankie,” I smiled and darted across to her dorm, ten seconds later we were all walking down the stairs towards the dinning hall.


“So how long have you been at DMA?” Ty asked when we sat down. I had a bowl of cereal and a croissant; Jack and Frankie were eating the pastries. Ty had a cup of black coffee.  

“Since first year,” I said biting into the croissant. “Jack came in third year and Frankie’s been here since fourth form.”

“Cool,” he smiled sipping his coffee,

“Not a breakfast man?” Frankie asked,

“Strictly coffee in the morning,” he smiled. Ty looked like the kind of guy who’d just walked out of Hollywood, yet he wasn’t intimidating.

“Hey guys!” Jarif called from the entrance to the dinning hall, he made his way over and sat beside me.

“Ty, this is Jarif, he’s head of Lloyd George house. And he’s probably the richest guy on campus.” I introduced him; Jarif elbowed me in the ribs but smiled all the same.

“I wouldn’t say that… F.J’s rolling in it too,” Jack added,

“F.J?” Ty asked,

“Freddie-Joe Compton, he’s the hockey captain and he’s pretty clever too, isn’t he?” Frankie asked,

“He got 15 A*s for his GCSEs if that’s what you mean,” I muttered. “Speaking of the Devil…”

F.J. came through the doors with Holli Charmonte at his side; some said they were dating but I still wasn’t sold on the rumour. Others said he was gay; I wasn’t well acquainted with him, so I didn’t know. The whole table turned round to watch as he strode across the room.

“He’s wearing Marc Jacob shoes, those things cost like £7,000!” Frankie the fashion-police burst. Freddie looked across at our table and smiled uneasily. Jarif smirked and Ty held back a laugh.

The ten minute warning bell sounded and half the table stood up.

“Fabulous,” Frankie groaned, “school has officially started.”  

The End

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