Kendall Hights

     My mother drove me to the airport in her small car. I sat in the front and Josh, Joseph, and Elsa sat smushed in the back. Fortunately, my stepfather took my other stepbrothers out for a guys day. I was glad. I couldn't stand Stephan. He was annoying and rotten and as much as he's like to, will never in a million years take the place of my father.

     As my mom drove to the drop off, I hurridley said my goodbyes to my mother and Elsa. They were the only family members I could stand. I ruffled Elsa's hair and pushed open the door. Then made my way to the trunk and pulled out my blue suitcase and carry-on (my purse.)


     The plane went fast, who knew reading a book would pass time so easily? I arrived at Dartmoor in a limousine my mom had rented specially. The driver followed me inside the academy with my baggage, then left.

     "Next." I walked forward to her desk. "Name?"

     "Kendall Hights, upper sixth." She handed me a room key and I charged up stairs to the west wing and entered the room labeled 5. Welcome to another year at DMA, I thought before collapsing into the bed.

The End

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