Cassandra O'Reilly

I was late. Typical of course, but today was a day when I really did not want to be behind schedule. I had a bag to pack and a plane to catch. I had tried to pack my stuff last night but then I ended up having to babysit for Darla, my Aunt, while she went to the garage, and then I was looking for some books to pack - I started reading one, and spent the whole evening doing that.

I ended up shoving a pile of clothes into my suitcase, and grabbing all the things I could think of quickly. I didn't have time to dry my hair after my shower so as usual it was tied up in a messy bun at the nape of my neck.

I got the plane from Cork airport, after a hurried hug goodbye and breathless pecks from Darla and her three children, Marie-anne, Alan and Daniel. It was only an hour flight, but I was in first class of course.

I got picked up from the airport by a private car, and then suffered anxiously through the 3 hour drive... I was nervous about arriving back at DMA, I had friends, sure, but no one really close. I want to change that if I can, I'm just so shy. I was also worried that I had forgotten something important, or that my registration wouldn't go smoothly. 

The driver carried my bags in, past the scared new kids - they felt just like me, I would say. There was a bit of a hold up, a queue, but I didn't mind waiting. 


With a start, I realized that was me. I jolted forward into the office, there was a new secretary, she asked me what my name was.


She continued looking at me, and with a slight blush, I elaborated. 

"Cassandra O'Reilly. I'm going into Lower 6th."

She gave me my room key, told me I was in the Moorland Annex, in room 40. Next year I'd get to be in the West Wing! She also informed me I was Netball Sports Captain. 

I thanked her, and as I left the office I spotted a few familiar faces. I smiled at them. I also spotted some I didn't recognise, and, in an attempt to be brave, I went over to say hello.

The End

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