Freddie-Joe Compton

My families farewell wasn't as soppy, dramatic and loving as I expected it to be. My father gave me a stiff hug, whilst my mother started intently at the can of cola in my grip as I slid onto the Jeep's shiny, leather seat. Oh, and my twin brothers was the best goodbye in the history of boarding schools, he wasn't even there! I'd bet my bottom dollar that he was in his ridiculously large bedroom playing Final Fantasy III on his play station!

The journey to Dartmoor was a rather speedy one. Our butler, Richard, decided it would be a great idea to break every speed limit he could just so I could arrive at school in the nick of time. Three hours to be exact, the whole time of which I spent mocking Richard's thinning hair. 

'Thanks, Richard. Mum sent my luggage ahead of me.' 

'I am aware.'

'I am aware.' I mimicked him childishly, 'thanks, bye!' I said loudly as I slammed the door. 

I sauntered confidently towards the office, before getting stopped by a teacher for pushing some 4th forms out of my way. 

Once I'd made it to the entrance hall, I wanted to shoot myself as I saw the queue to the main office. Groaning loudly, I shoved my way through, pushing ahead of older and younger students alike. 


'Freddie-Joe Compton!' I called, knocking a petite girl sideways. I was allowed to do this. I'm bi. Well, half allowed. If I were fully gay I'm sure it would be acceptable. 

'Oh dear. Welcome back, your in South Wing, room 13.' 

'No!' I yelped, 'it's my unlucky number!'

'Deal! Next!' 

I picked up my keys and plodded glumly towards the boarding houses. I'm openly bisexual, my mother accepted this grudgingly, but said that I was forbidden to bring my own gender back to the house unless she was absolutely sure it was just a friend. My father was less convincing, he said I wasn't a real man and that, "if you have it yourself, what's the point in liking someone else who has it?"

'Oh, sorry!' I mumbled as I bumped into a boy who had this hair which any girl would be envious of. Except mine was nicer. Much nicer. Even if his was this shimmering... golden... mass of... Yeah. I hate him already.

'It's okay.' He smiled, revealing a set of gleaming white teeth.

'Straight!' I declared his sexuality, smiling back, thrusting my hand outwards. He gave me a puzzled look before shaking it, 'I'm Freddie-Joe.' 

'Jarif.' He replied. 

'Your accent is kind of heavy.' I observed.

'So is yours.'

An awkward silence filled the air before I said goodbye to him, eyeing up his hair as I went. Envy is definitely 

The End

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