Jarif Naring

"Are you leaving already?" My sister moaned miserably. 

"Of course I am you gotta be insane to be whizzing around the planet this often!" I said in a joking matter. 

" You do have a point Jarif!" My older sister saying angrily grabbing her purse off the marble counter making sure to make a lot of noise as she huffed off. Since she went to university and hooked up with that crazy cult guy her and our parents didn't see eye to eye. I bet everyone was happy to see her go, I hoped I didn't end up like her though A spoiled brat that is. 

" Sarah!" My little sister cried," Your not goin..." The door was slammed shut,"Doesn't even say good bye!" 

"Good riddance." Snorted Ian playing his psp barely caring the rest o the world existed around him. 

"Well I have to go to or I will be late." I smiled," Ian face chat okay little buddy? And Jessi don't worry about Sarah she still loves you, and tell me if Mum and Dad start getting a little to hard on her, but if any news that crazy bastard of a boyfriend starts messing with her, you tell me I will personally fly a helicopter on his lawn and beat him bloody!" I said half jokingly and half serious I wouldn't put it past him. 

"I don't think any of that will be possible Jar, were going to Antarctica in a week don't you remember, and we won't have great internet, worst of all I won't have PSN or Xbox Live...."  The list went on man it was like he was so hard done by! 

"Oh shut your mouth Ian maybe you'll get a life. Your only going to be their for two months, and you might get to go skiing, also its just beautiful down there!" I retorted.

"Then why aren't you going?" He shot back

"Maybe because I don't want to live off Mum and Dad's buck all my life." 

"That's enough Jare." My mum said from a beautiful wooden loft three stories up. 

"Alright but seriously Mum you need to start restricting him I don't think he know what the outside even is." This was true the kid was pretty fat it almost looked like if he gained a few more pound I could roll him like an exorcize  ball.

"That's not very nice Jarif! " Jessi she was 11 but still sounded like six year old, was I this bad when I was their age? I really hoped not!

"Alright I'm heading to the airport love you all!" I shouted My mom rushed down the stairs near the door giving me an embarrassing good bye in front of my siblings.

"Where's Dad?" 

"He had important business to attend to. He really wished to see you off!"

"Its okay I understand tell him I say bye alright?" I said closing the door before they delayed me anymore. 

"Man how did I turn out the way I am?" I asked getting into McLaren Mpc-12c. Alright yeah i'm spoiled too but I like to think I'm a decent rich kid.  The car started beautifully and I was off like a speeding bullet. To bad I couldn't drive this baby in England!


"We're here sir." Said my driver as It had been 13 hour trip from Vancouver Canada to DMA and I was definitely tired I didn't get a wink on the flight over. Oh well I could crash here since most of my friends had left to go to other places this year.  I passed by the first years who were at the enterance, I swore that it was always the same it was almost like an unwritten ritual that some first years wait nervously at the entrance.

"Hello." I said trying to sound upbeat but I yawned instead.

"Name?" The receptionist asked.

"Jarif Naring." 

"You will be staying in the west wing this year, and your room your room number is 42." 

"Awesome that's my favourite number!" She gave a weak smile in response.

I turned around and headed for my destination a feeling of loneliness washed over me. I think Jack still goes here but we weren't that close.

"Never hurts to make new friends, I guess." I smiled shouldering my bag.

The End

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