Jack Simmons

I sat down heavily on my bed in my brand new room 52. The school was too small for separate dorms for the boys and girls, but there were strict rules. Very strict. I smiled, I'd only been here for a year, having transferred out of my American high school due to some, mishaps over the summer break after my sophomore year. This summer though, I'd managed to avoid trouble by going to the beach, swimming, playing video games, and all kinds of other, normal things.

I thought back to when I left my house yesterday, it felt like forever ago. My dad left me at the airport saying "Have fun at Dartmouth!" For the guy who was paying for my tuition, he certainly didnt pay much attention to where I was going. Dartmoor Manor Academy, private british school for the wealthy and the "posh". Strangly enough I'd made friends here. Frankie, the practical girl who'd remembered to pack light, and, Rosie.

Rose Bridge had spotted me my first day. We'd been in the same math and english classes, not surprising really, since it's a pretty small school., and she'd seen me struggling with the weird spellings of certain words.

"Why'd'ya have to put in all these extra letters?!" I remembered asking, also remembering how many letters I'd not put in that first word of conversation. Rosie had been patient with me, and we'd become pretty fast friends. I was definitely glad to see her when I walked through the door. Of course, she had two trunks and a carry-on bag. Both me and Frankie helped, but I sure didnt enjoy it when she walked through the door. Why do girls have to scream when they see each other?

Now, maybe there was time for a nap before dinner.

The End

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