Holli Charmonte

Britain. Well, it's a new one for me that's for sure. I thought, walking to the private car that was waiting for me at the airport.

"Where to, miss?" The driver said, sounding posh with his British accent.

"Um,"I checked my letter. "Dartmoor Manor Academy

"Alright miss, sit tight, we'll arrive in a few hours."

"Thanks!" I sat back and watched as the English countryside rolled by greenly. It all turned into a blur as the hours of traveling caught up with me and I fell asleep.

"Miss? Miss Charmonte?" My eyes flickered open. "we're here miss"

"Oh, yeah, thanks." Groggily I reached for her bags, rubbing my nap out of my eyes.

Looking up I saw the academy for the first time. It was huge, like a castle. Are all British schools like this? I thought.

Taking her stuff from the driver and thanking him again for the ride, Holli opened the large wooden doors leading to the main hall.

"Name." The receptionist called across the hall.

"Holli Charmonte." I said, slightly shaky.

"Here's your room key, west wing, room 44."

"Thanks ma'am" I walked forward and took the key. I looked around the hall again. It wasn't that big, polished stone floor, large wooden doors leading to outside, slightly smaller wooden doors leading elsewhere. Before I left the main hall the doors opened, I looked back to see two boys walking in with luggage in hand. They both looked like they stepped right out of a Hollywood movie.  That ought to make things more enjoyable. I thought.

The End

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