Franchesca Nolan - Returning to Dartmoor

The summer holidays seemed to have dragged on for eternity and I was relieved when they were finally over and I could return to school. I know that made me sound bizarre but truth be told I loved my school and wasn’t too fond of the summer holiday, usually because that meant I wouldn't see any of my friends for a whole 2 months.

I forced my suitcase shut - I had packed far too much and the case wasn’t big enough - and let out a sigh of relief, I would be going back to Dartmoor Manor Academy in mere hours and my heart gave a jolt every time I thought about it. I was in my final year at Dartmoor in the upper sixth and it was likely to be the best year yet!

My mother stuck her head around the door and smiled, "Everything packed" she asked rhetorically for she could plainly see that it was, my room looked extremely big when half my stuff was packed.  I nodded fervently and grinned back at her.

In no time at all I was giving my mother an emotional hug and clambering excitedly into the back of the car that would be taking me back to DMA for yet another exciting year.

I gazed out of the window and watched blurs of colour zoom past me in the opposite direction and the yellow fields overflowing with rape flit past me. Before I knew it the taxi had pulled up on the cobbled courtyard of DMA and I was eagerly climbing out the car and collecting my luggage from the boot.

There were a couple of first years milling around the entrance, looking nervous and making polite conversation with other first years who looked just as nervous as them. I could remember exactly how they felt, knowing that I was miles away from home and was basically living with complete strangers, it’s not really a comforting thought, nevertheless I ambled through my first year making a collection of friends as I went and as time went by I realised that DMA was the best school my parents could have sent me to.

I lugged my bags into the large entrance hall of the old manor house and made my way up the reception desk, a smiling brown haired woman with dimples looked up at me and I realised that she must have been new as I didn’t recognize her and she obviously didn’t know me.

“Name and Year?” she asked, not looking up from the computer screen.

“Franchesca Mai Nolan and I am in upper sixth” I replied and she hummed to let me know that she had heard what I had said and then began typing away onto her computer. After a few minutes she pulled out a key with a tag that said on it Room 56 West Wing. Along with it was a small brown envelope which I opened interestedly and into the palm of my hand dropped a small turquoise badge which read Badminton Sports Captain, I grinned and muttered to myself,

“This year will be fun”

I turned around to see my best friend just a few metres away struggling to lug her suitcases towards the stairs and towards the west wing

“Need a hand?” I called over to her and Rose turned around and screamed before running and enveloping me in a huge hug. “I’ve missed you” I said, a few tears splashing down my face as I was reunited with my best friend.

“I’ve missed you too!” she said as she pulled out the hug, “Come on, we haven’t got all day!”  my other friend Jack groaned, and I giggled as I grabbed one of Rose’s bags as well as my own and the three of made our way up to the west wing, talking animatedly to each other about what they have been up to during the summer that seemed to last a lifetime.


The End

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