Character Descriptions

NAME: Rose Bridge (Kiri)
AGE: 17
YEAR: Upper 6th
SCHOLARSHIP/RICH: Academic scholarship
PERSONALITY:  Rose is smiley and liked. She tries hard and likes to help those who are struggling. She is selfless which some people exploit. 
APPEARANCE: Long blonde curly hair, play face with rosy cheeks and deep blue eyes. She's 5ft4 and skinny.
FAMILY: Her older sister is at university, her parents live in Dubai where her father's business empire has soared.
ORIGIN: Dublin, Ireland. 

NAME: Freddie-Joe Compton (IchigoRingo-Chan)
AGE: 16
YEAR: 5th form
SCHOLARSHIP/RICH: but also got 100% on his entrance exam which helped.
APPEARANCE: tan skin, shaggy yet styled sandy blonde hair, chocolate-brown eyes, tall and lean, groomed and has a cute face, dimples are nearly always present due to his all-smiles attitude to life. 
PERSONALITY: Extremely intelligent. dislikes sports but is good at them, loves compulsart academic subjects(ie; science and english). But has a passion for Food and textiles Tech. He's bisexual and his parents know this (much to their dismay). He's perky and intelligent but when put down his usually giddy personality freezes into a mopey sad one. He's popular and has many friends of both genders despite his sexuality.
FAMILY: Mother, father and twin brother live in York. His father owns a private hospital and his mother is the director of a cosmetics company. His brother goes to another school which specialises in business. 
ORIGIN: Pure English.

NAME: Holli Charmonte. (MyCayla)
AGE: 17
YEAR: 6th form
SCHOLARSHIP/RICH: Art/Music scholarship
PERSONALITY: Stubborn, practical but gets excited easily. 
APPEARANCE: Short, red hair, green eyes, pretty, but not in the extreme sense.
FAMILY: one sister. complete opposite of Holli. 
ORIGIN: New York, USA. 

NAME: Alicia (Alice) Hollisen (Vampireinthepentagram)
AGE: 16 going on 17
YEAR: lower 6th
SCHOLARSHIP/RICH: music (singer,dancer)
PERSONALITY: bubbly little thing, draws people in around her which makes her very popular but she doesn't really have any friends. Total nerd at heart, always has a book in hand.
APPEARANCE: short, short pale blonde hair (just long enough to put into spikey little pigtails), pale skin, bright silver eyes, gorgeous smile.
FAMILY: youngest of 4, all brothers (law student, med student, business student), stay at home mother, father is top defense attorney in new york.
ORIGIN: New York

NAME: Jack Simmons (JSimmons)
AGE: 17
YEAR: 6th
PERSONALITY: Easygoing, not particularly talkative, sort of introverted, brave and ideal
APPEARANCE: Average height, slim build, black hair, emerald green eyes. 
FAMILY: Only child, his dad is a businessman with some high up connections, getting him into this school for cheap.
ORIGIN: Los Angeles California

NAME: Jarif Naring (Chimerakiller2)
YEAR: Upper sixth year
PERSONALITY: Surprisingly modest but has no clue what life is like for people who have to work to where there going. seems to be good at anything he tries. Avoids the few things he sucks at. Is pretty calm can get riled up to if pushed. He never has had to work for anything becuase he is rich , and is naturally talented to most things. People hate that about him. Is really friendly, but sometimes avoids people.
APPEARANCE: Wavy golden blond hair reaching to about his eyeline. Gorgeous blue eyes, slim appearance with a light tone of muscles. Stands at five foot nine. Is lightly tanned. generally wears button up shirt with two undone by the neck, and jeans. Occasionally throws in a t shirt. 
FAMILY: Never stays still was born in canada but has visted many countries over the years. He decided to go to boarding school to have something stable in his life. Can speak alot of languages. Is younger than his older sister, older than a younger brother and sister. 
ORIGIN: His mother is Canadian, Father is British.

NAME: Chloe McFarland (Fridgeraider)
AGE: 18
YEAR: upper 6th
PERSONALITY: Can make friends with anyone, very likeable, doesn't follow the crowd, loves being right and likes to have things done her way. Openly a lesbian. Great at sport. 
APPEARANCE: Long Blonde hair, pretty, blue eyes.
FAMILY: lived alone with just her mother all her life, doesn't ever talk about her father so nobody knows. 
ORIGIN: English 

NAME: Kendall Hights (Harrypotter.lover)
AGE: 17
YEAR: Lower Sixth Form
PERSONALITY: Kendall does brilliant at every subject. Well, most. She can be very stubborn, but sometimes also very sweet.
APPEARANCE: Brown/Copper wavy hair that falls to her shoulders. Hazel eyes.
FAMILY: Her mother and father are divorced and she lives with her mom and her rotten step-father. She has four step-brothers and one sister from her mother and stepdad. Kendall kept her father's last name and she's the only Miss. Hights in the family.
ORIGIN: Augusta, Maine, United States, North America. 

NAME: Cassandra (Cassy) O'Reilly (Callielsafreak)
AGE: 17
YEAR: Lower 6th
SCHOLARSHIP/RICH: Rich, but very arty and musical.
PERSONALITY: Is quite scatter brained and forgetful, often feels out of her depth among her sleek classmates. Gets into trouble quite often because she is rather careless, and doesn't maintain a perfect uniform. Very sweet and friendly but bad at making new friends because she is shy and easily embarrassed. Is always late, and doesn't realize how beautiful she is.
APPEARANCE: Has a slightly exotic face as her mother was Spanish. Long, dark, slightly wavy hair, normally knotted in a messy bun at the back of her head. Seems innocent and open, has cheerful brown eyes. Slight tan, is delicately built and quite small. Wears no make-up.
FAMILY: Parents both died in a car crash when she was 10, leaving her a large inheritance, which she doesn't have full access to yet. She has a brother, 6 years older than her, who she isn't very close with and hardly sees. Care of her aunt, who she loves (,but who didn't have time to look after her as she had 3 of her own children, and was single), but has always gone to boarding schools.
ORIGIN: She was born in Ireland but her parents had wished for her to go to DMA because her father attended when he was younger, and was head boy and Tennis captain.

NAME: Franchesca (Frankie/Chesca) Mai Nolan (Imprintedheart)
AGE: 18 
YEAR: Upper Sixth
Comes from a well spoken family who are quite wealthy and has high prospects.
PERSONALITY: Franchesca is a very outgoing girl but she is also very studious, she has a wise head on her shoulders and has got that balance between work and play.
APPEARANCE: Long blonde hair which is usually elagantly plaited, tanned complextion and deep blue eyes
FAMILY: Mother owns her own speech and language clinic which helps people with communication difficulties and her father works abroad alot.
ORIGIN:- North Yorkshire

NAME: Tobias (Ty) Breakwell (Kiri)
AGE: 18
YEAR: Upper Sixth
SCHOLARSHIP/RICH: Sports Scholarship
PERSONALITY: Friendly approachable person with a nice smile that puts people at ease, his friends are the most valuable things in the world to him and would never do anything to willingly hurt any of them. A team player he is a rugby prodigy with several professional teams are already chasing him for when he leaves school. If not in his room or the library he is often found in the gym or swimming pool. Just broke up with his long term girlfriend. Head Boy of Churchill College
APPEARANCE: Six foot tall, broad with defined muscles, angular features, sandy brown hair and bright blue eyes. Looks like the leading man in a romantic film.
FAMILY: Mother, single parant. Works as a Nurse. 
ORIGIN: York, West Yorkshire

The End

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