Dartmoor Manor Academy

Dartmoor Manor Academy

The mission of DMA is to provide a strong learning environment for gifted, talented and privileged youths of today. DMA honours individual worth and dignity, supporting and encouraging students to reach their highest personal and academic potential, preparing them for the future. With specialisation in sport, music and academic prowess DMA is prepared to offer students the upmost supporting in developing skills in all areas.

DMA boarding facility has received ‘outstanding’ in the recent Offsted reviews. With individual rooms for each sixth form student and dorms of four to eight students for the fourth and fifth years, the boarding facility continues to impress.

During the weekends the students participate in extracurricular activities including hockey, netball, rugby, lacrosse, cricket in the mainstream sports. Further activities include drama, music and art.

Mr Knight – Headmaster
Mrs Thistlethwait – Deputy Head

House Masters
Mr West: Churchill college
Mr Palmer: Asquith college
Mr Falmouth: Atlee college
Mr King: Lloyd George college 

The End

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