Hunter - DoppelgangerMature

In the darkness of the cavern that they dumped me in, time seemed like a vacuum. I'd pace back and forth, jump and flap my wings just to do something. I had to keep moving, stay strong and nod show weakness. Finally when I could no longer move and my muscles cried out at me, I sat in the corner. Curling up into a ball, I place my hand to my neck. Gasping I sat up and realized that my pendant was gone. Snarling, I slammed a fist against the wall. Now I was truly trapped as a Soul Stealer. 

"Scarlet," I whispered, wishing and hoping that she'd open up the door and let in the light. So I could see her, hold her, tell her just how much I loved her. Sleep came to me in small bursts, whether it was minutes or hours, I didn't care. My mind was being whittled down to the simplest thoughts. Cain or one of the others would occasionally toss me a half of loaf for bread through a compartment in the door. Every time the food was tossed into my room, I'd scramble to it and scarf it down. My stomach rumbling loudly from hunger. 

Finally one night, the door opened completely. Turning my head, I realized it was Cain. I growled and flared my wings, thoughts in my head smashing together in a train wreck. 

"I can see that your time in the dark has...helped you." I narrowed my eyes at him as he held out his hand. "Come on, we have to fix you up. There's someone who wants to see you." Raising an eyebrow, I took a tentative step forward and reluctantly followed. Cain smiled at he, nudging me on occasionally when I would pause and look at him. 

"How...long...was I in...there?" My voice rasped and squinted my eyes since I wasn't used to the light.

"A week." Cain replied simply. "Now come," He drug me into a room and tossed me another new pair of clothes. Telling me to shower, get dressed, and be back to the lounge in a half hour. Promptly, he turned around and left me. I began to fidget and then put the clothes on the bed, heading for the shower. You never know just how amazing a warm shower is until you've suffered a weak in your own piss and shit, groveling for food. The water splashed over my body and through my hair, washing away all my worries and hopefully all my madness. 

After drying off and getting dressed, I walked out the hallway and downstairs to the lounge area. Everything was calm and quiet, soft classical music played in the background. 

"Hunter," Cain shouted to me. I looked over my shoulder and my jaw nearly hit the floor. Standing next to him in a beautiful satin red dress was Scarlet. I couldn't believe my eyes, she was alive and more dashing than I had ever remembered. Instantly, I jumped up and ran to her hugging her close while tears streamed down my face. She hugged back, kissing my lips and whispering sweet nothings to me. 

"How did you find me?" I asked, my voice weak. She smiled and shook her head, interlacing her fingers around mine and pulling to the couch. 

"I can always find you." she whispered, at first her voice sounded off and different. But I ignored it, I was just so happy to see her. Keeping her close to me, we stayed together hugging and kissing before her eyes glinted at mine. 

"Hunter," she teased, standing up. I froze for a moment...Scarlet wouldn't have done that. She was overly flaunting when it came to her looks and actions...but right now she was. And how come Cain let her in here....he hates her...wants her dead. 

"No," I said, my voice growing cold. The girl who looked like Scarlet stared at me, a hurt expression on her face. 

"What's the matter?" she asked, her eyes tearing up. "I thought you'd be happy to me see me?!" I shook my head and started to back away, but Cain grabbed my wing and twisted hard. I bit back a painful scream and watched as the Scarlet Doppelganger shed the disguise. She was a tall woman, very slender and elegant. Her eyes sparkled like gems as she sauntered angrily over to Cain and I. 

"You can't ever be freaking happy can you? What tipped you off? How did you know?!" I turned my gaze just enough to see Cain and glowered. 

"You can't fake a person someone loves. You'll never get who they are. That facade she just put on was just what she looked like. You could never copy Scarlet's sweet personalit-" Cain twisted my wing even more and I howled in agony. 

"I will fucking break you wings, now shut up. We have souls to steal and your going to take everyone of them. Man, woman, child, whoever. I don't care if you know them, love them...THEY ARE DEAD!" With that Cain roughly grasped my neck and steered towards the buildings front door. Shoving it open, he tossed me out onto the front steps and pointed his summoned scythe at me. 

"GO! I'll tell you the directions to each house!" 

The End

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