Hunter - SeductionMature

I don't remember when I fell unconscious while flying, maybe after a few minutes or a few hours. I don't know. I was too tired and helpless to care where they carried me. As my eyes slowly opened to the world, my surroundings were dark, cold, and it smelled of damp earth. I blinked a few times trying to orient myself with the blackness surrounding me. I was sleeping on a bed with strangely comfortable sheets, my eyes widened a bit more when I realized I was still in my soul stealer form. 

"Good Morning," an accented voice said with a hint of happiness. Carefully, I turned to look at a figure leaning in the doorway. It was one of the other soul stealer that Cain used as a henchman. His eyes were a mushy brown and his hair a dirty blonde, he was the taller of the two unknown men. "Names Ivan, we already know who you are little rebel." I watched the soul stealer, his wings were an ugly chocolate brown with black streaks crisscrossing on the tips. Even the way he spoke was odd, he pronounced every W as a V sound. My legs hung over the side of the bed as we sat there and stared at each other. 

"What now?" I asked dejectedly. Scarlet was somewhere far away, my mother was dead and I was trapped with my worst enemy...things can never go right can they? Ivan stepped into the room and tossed me a knew pair of clothing, the ones I was wearing were torn and dirty. 

"Cain is going to introduce you to part of being a soul stealer." Ivan's smile broadened even more and he turned and left. Staring at the now empty door way, I finally looked to the clothes. A regular shirt  with holes for my wings to fit through and a pair of dark colored jeans. While the room had no light, I could read the shirt, in faded white letters read two words. The Fallen. 

After I had dressed, which was odd with my large raven wings, I moved out of the room and down the hallway. My steps took me to a railing that overlooked the floor below. Cain, Ivan, and the other man I didn't know, were all lounging around on a circled set of chairs. Their voices intermingled with others that I didn't recognize, female voices. While walking down the stairs, my eyes finally caught sight of four women they had to be around their late teens to early twenties. Why do they not run...can't they see what we are?!

"Ah, Hunter come," Cain gestured happily. I raised an eyebrow, not moving from the spot where I was standing. He chuckled. "It's fine, they're tranced...they think we're normal humans. Come their here to chat and maybe more." He turned and winked at one of the girls who giggled childishly. The situation before me made me very suspicious of what Cain and the others were planning. So reluctantly I sat on the only empty couch left. A curvy young brunette walked over and lay next to me, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. 

"You're cute," she said smiling and leaning even closer to me, the heat of her skin radiating on mine. I winced and shied away from her grasp, the dull almost dead look in her eyes was disconcerting. 

"What's the matter Hunter," Cain asked as a buxom blonde straddle his lap and began to make out with him. Wrong, this is wrong. I have to get out of here, back to Scarlet. I don't need anyone else! The girl who was next to me, rolled on top of me, her lips nearing mine.

"Back off!" I growled tossing her against the wall, she let out a weak cry before falling unconscious. Immediately, Ivan and the other man had a hold of my wrists. Cain broke away from his girl to glare at me.

"Fine, if you don't want to enjoy yourself that's your choice. But when your done in the dungeons you'll beg for the softness of a woman's flesh! Take him there so at least I can enjoy my conquest." I struggled within the two's grasp before a heavy object smashed against the back of my skull making the world go dark.  

The End

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