Hunter - StolenMature

"No, please Cain...leave them out of this. This is between you and me." Cain laughed in my face, cackling like a mad hyena. I felt shivers run up my spine and a twitch flick across my face. 

"You don't get it...last chance, come with us or I start torturing them. I don't have to rip the soul from their body quickly, I can make it slow and painf-"

"Cain-" Cain shook his head, a deep growl rumbling in the back of his throat and a sinister idea burning behind his eyes. He flicked his wing and the two moved towards the tree where my mother and Scarlet were held. 

"You want to be indecisive..." Cain turned his head as his henchmen brought the still unconscious figure of my mother before me. Wrenching her head back by her hair, Cain slapped her across the face making her cry out. I winced and took a step back, her eyes blinked very slowly as they stared at the ground, her head slowly lifted up.

"Wha....where am...." She paused and her eyes widened when she looked at me, I was still in my human disguise. "Oh my god...Hunter?!" She reached out and her hand touched my arm, she quickly retracted her grasp as if she'd been burned. " were dead...I touched your body, your blood. I saw you at the morgue...Hunter..." I dropped my gaze, hearing Cain smirk. 

"Mom....I am dead...I'm something...something..."

"Tell her Hunter," Cain chided "Show her what you sacrificed everything for. The reason for all your happiness getting flushed down the drain. Show her what you are." He flashed a wicked smile at me. My mother looked from me to him and back, her eyes pleading. 

"Hunter, sweety, he talking about? What are they?" I took a few steps back and my hand went to the pendant.I shut my eyes and felt the black shadows lick around my body, changing me into my true form. I heard her yelp and gasp, falling onto the ground. Spreading my black wings, I looked at her with my black and crimson eyes. Tears and snot poured off her face, her entire body trembling. 

"I'm a soul stealer...I rip the souls from people's bodies and destroy them. This...this is what I've become." She was still and silent just staring at me. 

"You sold your soul to the devil?!" she whispered, Cain and the others chuckled. 

"Gods and Demons exist little human, we are the closest thing to the devil that you will ever know. Now your son is one." Her body slumped, I reached out for her but the others held me back.

Cain reached down and picked her up by the hair. She shouted and began sobbing, denying that I was her son. Saying that my body had been stolen by the devil and he was torturing her for being a terrible mother. I cupped my hands around my ears,, you were the best mother I could ever have! Don't say these things, don't say that!

"Let her go!" I growled taking a step closer, the earth beneath my feet depressed and cracked. Pain, anger, and agony seethed beneath my skin. "I'll go with you. Just leave them be." Cain tilted his head, a curious amusement playing across his face. 

"Fine," he held out a hand and his scythe appeared from a wisp of darkness. Before I could shout or even move, Cain tore my mother's soul from her body. I screamed and fell to my knees, my wings going slack behind my back. Her body crumpled to the ground and her soul hovered above the ground, frozen and horrified. Cain smirked at his dominance and slashed her again. The scream that sounded caused me to collapse and curl up, my nails dug deeply into my temples. 

"Never disobey me, or the next time it will be your precious Scarlet and you'll be the one doing the honors." 

"Bastard!" I shouted, my wings bringing my to my feet, he wagged a finger at me. 

"Ready to come with us? I promise the things you'll do and learn will make you forget about your family...your girl."

"No," I snarled through clenched teeth. "Never!" Cain rolled his eyes. 

"I'll give you one minute to say goodbye to your precious girl. One minute." I didn't even give him a second glance. Soaring over to Scarlet, I undid her restraints and hugged her tightly curling my wings around us. 

"Oh Scarlet, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I was so blind...I wish I could go back, do things differently. I love you!" I kissed her lips and kept the warmth of her body close. "I love you, I always have...I was just too scared to ever tell you, not forget me! Find me...else I'll never be free."

Two hands grasped my wings and pulled me back. I struggled to hold on to her and kiss her one last time but they pulled me away. Cain took to the skies and his fellow soul stealers flanked me, as we rose higher, I chanced one last glance back at her shrinking form.

Scarlet...I've damned myself so far down that I can't save myself, and now I only have one thing left to live for. Everything else was stolen from me, right before my eyes. 

The End

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