Hunter - Missing my HumanityMature


I held Scarlet tightly against my body, my cheeks flushing with love and embarrassment. My eyes stayed shut as my head leaned against her shoulder, her arms wrapped around my waist. 

"Scarlet," I whispered, sitting down and pulling her into my lap. "I know Cain...he'll be back and with murder burning brightly in his eyes. I want you to go to my house and stay with my mother." I sighed heavily, blinking into her lovely eyes. Those eyes that captured and took my heart prisoner and wouldn't let me free. "I'll walk you there." My heart skipped a beat as I brushed my lips against hers, intertwining my fingers with in her grasp. 

"Hunter," she said, her voice trembling with concern. I shook my head and pulled her away from the pond. We had to leave our childhood memories behind, the past was the past. I was dead and ripping people’s souls from their bodies. She was an adult in a teen’s body living with an alcoholic father, about to be evicted. Amazing how life grabs your innocence and happiness and spirits it away from you, perhaps even forever...maybe not. 

Walking down the street, hand in hand, it was a picture from a childhood story. The beauty and the beast...or rather the girl and the soul stealer. The silence around us wasn't awkward but calm, we had solved most of our issues and we both loved each other. Now all we wanted was our happy ending, Cain's voice echoed in my head. "Beware Hunter, when I come'll wish you died on that street all those nights ago."

My face contorted to a cross between pain, anger, and hatred. Unconsciously, my hand tightened around Scarlet's hand. 

"Hunter," she whispered leaning against my shoulder, I gave her an apologetic smile and loosened my hand. "Hey," she started uneasily "What...what are you gonna do against Cain? What do you think he's planning?" A truck with a loud muffler rolled by, its tire catching a large puddle and soaking us in a wave of water. I scowled at the disappearing tail lights and sighed. 

"What am I going to do? I'm going to kill for what he plans, honestly I don't know. But he'll do anything to separate me from you." I shook my head like a dog, trying to dry my hair. Scarlet laughed at me, a hand covering her large grin. "Thanks," I drawled sarcastically wrapping an arm around her shoulder and talking her with me. We were two houses down from my own making me stop. 


"I completely mother will be off from work. She'll be home, shit. I can't let her know that I'm alive. If she knew what I was it'd break her heart, she's too religious to accept this." Scarlet nodded, an idea flicking behind her eyes. 

"I'll walk in and distract her; you can go through the back door and sneak up to your room." I mouthed a silent thank you and sprinted to the back door. Peering inside I was able to hear the muffled knock and my mother's depressing voice. I could barely make out the two figures, their conversation blocked. I narrowed my eyes at the door, opening its creaking metal frame. If only being a soul stealer meant I could teleport, that'd be helpful. 

As silently as I could, I slipped through the door, my eyes staying locked on Scarlet's face. My body was still and crouched, barley sticking out from behind the marble cooking island. 'GO'. Her eyes shouted to me and I nodded, slinking up the stairs. My room was at the end of the hall, the door covered in heavy metal band posters. Such a typical teen, I thought in retrospect. Pressing softly against the door, it moved open to reveal the room I hadn't seen since that fateful night. 

Nothing was touched and a small layer of dust had coated things, my mother must have been terribly distraught. She had always had a compulsion to clean; it was like she was preserving my room. Like she was waiting for me to waltz back from the dead. In a way, I have returned.  Pulling back the cover on my bed, I laid on its silky surface. I had missed my bed, missed the posters on the wall, missed my iPod and my music...I missed my old life. 

Footsteps reached my ears and caused me to seize up, watching the door intently. Two warm, brown eyes peered in and I released my held breath. 

"Don't scare me like that," I whispered. She smirked moving to the bed and lying next to me. Putting an arm around her, I pulled her close and breathed in her scent. Sleep finally washed over my body and I was out like a light.  

The End

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