Scarlet - MiracleMature

I watched in anger and hatred as Cain's winged silhouette disappeared like smoke into the night, then fell at Hunter's side, stroking his hair, fighting back tears. "Oh, God, Hunter. Don't leave me. Not again."

His eyes were open, dark, staring up at the velvet sky without seeing the stars. I put my hand on his chest, trying to feel a beat. There wasn't one, but then, I reminded myself, he's not really alive.

I held his cold hand against my face and tried to be strong, tried to keep the tears from falling any longer. I had shed enough tears these past few days. I turned my eyes to the sky and prayed for a miracle.

The gash in his chest was long, and still bleeding profusely. I'd taken a nursing class a few years ago, but I couldn't remember anything. Common sense told me to stop the bleeding and get him to a doctor as soon as I could, but obviously the second step of that idea wouldn't go over well. I was lost and alone and he was dying, again, and I didn't know what to do.

A single tear broke through my careful guard and slid down my cheek, hovering on my chin for a split second before the damn broke and I was sobbing again, as though my heart was being pulled in two. The first tear fell, like a tiny diamond, and splashed onto his death-cold skin.

His eyes fluttered at the contact, and then opened, glazed at first before coming into focus. As more of my tears began to fall onto his chest he coughed and struggled to sit up, clutching at the wound in his chest. All I could do was watch in confusion and wonder as skin where my tears touched began to ripple and knit back together. Hunter and I watched together as the tears spread like a sheet of liquid crystal across his chest, and soon there was no wound at all, just smooth, stone cold skin.

Hunter turned his eyes to mine, his mouth open in shock. "How did you...?"

"I don't know," I whispered, running a finger over his chest. "All I did was pray for a miracle."

He got to his feet and pulled me up along with him, his strong arms lifting me easily from the ground. "Well," he said, pulling me close to him and wrapping his arms around me, "I guess you got one."

The End

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