Hunter - ThreatsMature


When we finally came apart from the kiss we just stared at each other. I felt like I had been struck by lightning, like I was suddenly alive again. Her eyes were glittering like expensive jewels, my heart thundered in my chest and my grey cheeks flushed. I grinned teasingly and took her hand.

“Sending kind of a mixed message, don’t you think?” I chuckled

“Oh, shut up,” she whispered, and kissed me again. My eyes fluttered as I kissed back, I had dreamed of this moment for so many years and now it was happening. Everything was even better than I had imagined. I pulled away from her and hugged her tightly to my side, nuzzling against her neck. The night around us seemed to melt away and it was only me and her, locked in each others embrace. 

"Scarlet," I murmured happily. "I love you, so much." I hugged her tighter and kissed her cheek. The moonlight made her look like a goddess, causing her warm skin to glow and shimmer in the silver light. My thoughts then turned to her news about being evicted, where could she go and be loved, cared for? "You could go to my house...explain everything to my mother," I winced and bit my lip "Leave out my being alive's best she thinks I'm dead, not a monster going around town murdering people at a whim.

Her eyes looked at me and her brow furrowed, she tiled her head, causing her brown hair to cascade like water. Emotions flickered behind her blue hues but she said nothing, and that was fine with me. I didn't want anything to destroy our moment together. 

"Traitor!" A voice snarled from the black behind us. Scarlet jumped, but I held her tightly next to me. If she took off running she was good as dead. From the shadows, stepped Cain bristling with anger. He was in his soul stealer form, Scarlet gasped pulled me close. Cain's eyes glinted with terrible ideas as he stepped forward, his wings shifted and twitched. 

"What do want with me Cain?" I growled back, standing and putting Scarlet behind me. Taking my pendant in my hand, I shifted back into my soul stealer form. I flared my wings to hide Scarlet and pointed my scythe at him. Cain rested his blade over his shoulder and laughed. It was a harsh sound that made my blood run cold. 

"Want? I want you to stop seeing that pathetic human girl! I've warned you both to stay away from each know what's going to happen now Hunter? I'm gonna kill you in front of your gal, then I'm gonna steal her soul." I scowled at Cain and took a step forward. My words were heavy, forced through gritted teeth. 

"DON'T. YOU. DARE!" Cain stuck his tongue out and smirked. Suddenly he was in front of, his scythe at my neck. The sharp blade pressed against my skin and created a bead of blood  that ran down my throat. He then shifted the blade and slashed it across my chest, tearing away my jacket and shirt. I fell to the ground, feeling the slick warm blood pouring from the wound. Cain stood over me cackling like and animal. Weakly, I shifted on my back and saw Scarlet's face covered in tears. Her eyes were wide with fear, shock, and pain. I promise Scarlet...I will not die again. I'm never going to leave you, ever. I spoke to her through my eyes, pleading that she understood me. 

A deep breath passed through my and I moved slightly, my wings pushed down and launched my into the air. I bit back a howl of pain from the still bleeding cut. Cain eyed me angrily as I landed feet away from him. 

"Why Cain?! Why can't I love her and continue being what I am? Is there some law that says I can't love?!" I shouted. Cain snarled at the word love, like it gave him a bad taste in his mouth. His glance shifted to the side for a moment, giving me the distraction I needed. Withing seconds, my blade was digging into his shoulder as I put pressure behind it. Cain yelped and his eyes widened, I guess he didn't expect me attacking him, let alone wounding him. 

"Kill me then," Cain said with a sly grin. "Go ahead, show your precious Scarlet what a monster you are. Strike me down, you know you want to." He stood there bleeding and taunting me. I bared my teeth and glared into his black and green eyes, I wanted to kill him. Use my blade and take off his head right there...but my mind kept trailing to his words. What if Scarlet thought of me as a monster? It was a stupid thought but it was enough of a wound to get me to back away. 

Cain winked at Scarlet and soared into the air. "Beware Hunter, When I come'll wish you died on that street all those nights ago." His black form seemed to melt into the sky as I fell to my knees and shifted back into my human disguise. I removed my tattered jacket and shirt, placing my hands to the slash across my chest. Luckily it wasn't deep, but it would surely leave a scar. 

"Scarlet," I whispered falling to my side on the grass. My gaze grew blurry and the edges darked...I was swallowed by unconsciousness. 

The End

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