Hunter - Innocent DaysMature

I laid in the long grass of a nearby pond. The creatures of the night sang their symphony while I rested in the night. I could feel the subtle wind caressing my skin and tousling my hair. A sweet scent filled my noise causing a sigh to leak from my lips. This pond was a place that Scarlet and I had played at when we were young, barley 10 years old. My eyes slid half open watching the moon's reflection on the glassy water. 

"Tag your it!" Scarlet's younger voice teased as she sprinted away from me. I scowled and chased after her, determined to win out childish game. Her summer dress fluttered in the wind like delicate butterfly wings as I drew closer and closer. 

"Got you!" I shouted triumphantly only to watch her suddenly change directions while I careened into the ground, getting a face full of dirt. I whined and spit out the soil flashing a glare her way, she had won. Standing next to the large oak over looking the lake, she waved her hand. 

"Come on silly, you can't stay mad at me forever!" I gave up a half smirk, picking myself up and walked over to her. Stains covered my jeans, shirt, and face making her giggle and me blush. "Beat ya' didn't I?" she smiled warmly, her tone was sincere and kind. I nodded looking down at my sneakers. 

"Yep," I said, twiddling my fingers and thinking. After a few minutes of quiet yet comfortable silence, I put my arm around her shoulder. "Hey Scarlet...we're gonna be friends forever...right?" She turned and looked to me, a big cheezy grin on her face. 

"Of course Hunter! Best Friends Forever!" She leaned on my shoulder as we both relaxed in the dying sunlight. 

Was it really that long ago? I thought, rolling onto my back and watching the twinkling stars. A familiar burn tore at my chest, my hand went to the pain and felt the pendant. Mixed feelings burned within me as an internal conflict raged. On one side, I enjoyed the killings, tearing souls from people and sending them to who knows where.

It was addicting the power and importance it gave me and yet it disgusted me. I felt sick that I loved killing, I wanted to just run home or to Scarlet and wish that this was just a bad dream. That I would wake up and have a good laugh over it. Tears pricked my eyes and began to slowly move down my face, tickling my skin. 

My thoughts were reeling, the gears in my head grinding feverishly away. Images and sounds of my latest kill flickered before my closed eyes like an old movie. The way he had feared me, cringed and begged for his life created a feeling of pure enjoyment and excitement. I relived every second, from tearing his soul away to watching his body drown in the waters. 

"Scarlet..." I began speaking to no one in particular. "I'm not sure if this is a gift or a curse...I just," I shut my eyes tightly and curled up into a ball on the soft grass. "I just need you, to see you and be with you. If I lost you...I don't know what I'd do." A tremor of emotion shot through my body causing my fingers to twitch. I could no longer go back to our innocent days of childhood or those fun nights where we'd stay up for hours eating cookie-doe and watching movies...Hell, I couldn't even go back to being human, could I?!

With some effort, I lifted my self to a sitting position. My knees tucked tightly to my chest, my arms wrapped around my legs. I felt lost...alone. Almost like a kid who was stuck and couldn't get out, couldn't cry for help. My forehead rested against my knees and I released a suppressed growl that rumbled in the back of my throat. The urge to kill was growing again, an overwhelming hunger and a wave of fatigue hitting me. Dragging my body to the old oak tree, I rested against the bark. 

"Scarlett," he said repeating the words from his memory to the midnight sky. "We're gonna be friends forever matter who or what I am?" A blackened silence was all that responded. 

The End

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