Hunter - RevengeMature

As I left Scarlet's house, I felt empty. I had come back to her, shown her what I truly was and she...didn't want to see me. I winced and shoved my hands deeper in my pockets, trying to ignore the throbbing pain in my chest. Does...she hate me now? I sighed heavily and kicked a rock while I moved down the sidewalk. The rain had stopped and only the thick dark clouds hung above me. Scuffing my shoes, I kept walking until I reached the park at the middle of the town. 

Puddles of water rippled, gusts of winds buffeted my face. I felt bitter and angry, though I didn't fully know why.

"Scarlet," I growled under my breath and checked to see if I had any other souls to steal. I cocked my head when I grabbed the letter from the fort and moved to a nearby bench.

Steal Jason Lucasy's soul. He lives at 289 Clark St. Have fun.


The letter was short, sweet, and to the point. All my anger and pain boiled to the surface as read the boy's name. Jason had been a kid in most of my classes growing up, he was always handsome and witty. What people didn't know was that he was a bully, a trait that followed him into high school. When girls trailed at his heels, giggling and swooning, he would find me. Every time he got the chance, he would beat me to a bloody pulp and degrade me psychologically.

I had to listen as he told me I was worthless and disgusting, that I should die a horrible death just to spare people from seeing my awful face. My fists clenched, he was one of the jocks who had pitied my death. I snarled, shredding the letter instantly. The only thought that burned brightly in my mind was tearing his soul from his body and making every single second as painful as I could. 

Shifting into my true form, I unfurled my wings and stretched them out to their full expanse. With one large thrust, I was launched high over the city, my eyes searching out Jason's house. My hand became white knuckled as it gripped the scythe. There! I pulled my wings close to me and dove towards the ground. At about 25 feet above the ground, my wings spread and let me float silently to the ground. I smirked darkly, Jason's voice rang out from his back yard. 

"No mom!" he wined stubbornly. "I'll come in after a few more minutes!" Looking around the front of the house, I decided the roof would be the best vantage point. Like a natural, I leaped to the roof and walked along it's gritty tiles. The backyard came into view, showing just how rich Jason's family was.

A large garden filled with plants sat adjacent to a large in-ground pool. The water was a pure crystal blue that seemed to sparkle even in the bad weather and next to the pool sat a hot-tub. I scoffed at the opulence and wealth. Even with all of this, you still had to torture me you sick animal! Jason was sitting next to the pool, his feet dipped in the water, occasionally making ripples and waves. 

"Jason," I chuckled landing behind him. His head craned around and he gasped, almost falling in the pool. 

"Wh...wh...what...are you?!" he said, practically swallowing his tongue as he trembled. 

"Me? I think the better question is who am I?" I stretched my black wings and rested the scythe upon my shoulder. "Come on Jason, you know me. Think." Jason shook his head and moved back until he was on the edge of the water. His face was covered in fear and awe, I devoured every emotion like a delicious treat. "Shame," I teased taking a step closer, and swinging the blade just under his chin so that it lightly touched his neck. "You know me Jason, try Hunter Westran." His eyes widened in surprise then sunk into guilt and grief. 

" dead! They said you were slashed to pieces!" His voice was growing frantic, his body trembling. I tilted my head ever so slightly, a grin twisting my lips. 

"Yes, I was dead. But I came back and I'm going to kill you, revenge is sweet." Tears began to pour down his model face and unblemished skin. He begged and pleaded, clasping his hands together in a pleading gesture. I shook my head slowly and watched all the hope drain from his eyes.

I didn't say a word as I drug the blade through his body, tearing his soul away from it's husk. Jason's soul gasped and cried as his body fell back into the water and drowned. His wispy fingers clutched the edge of the pool as his body came to rest at the bottom of the waters. 

"Why?!" his voice echoed subtly. I didn't answer slashing the throat of his soul. His eyes rolled back and his soul fell to its knees then burst into small particles that were carried away by the wind. 

"Jason," his mother called out. Quickly I took flight and rested a top his roof, watching the chaos unfold as his mother ran out and dove in after the dead body of her son. I shut my eyes and turned away, as much as I had enjoyed that moment it reminded me of my own mother and the pain was just too much. Leaping from the roof to the street, I retook my human form and walked away. Maybe a stroll under the stars would clear my thoughts. 

The End

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