Hunter - Painful TruthMature

"Well, I guess you'd better come inside then." She said sighing and stepping inside her home. After closing the door, she lead me through the house. I gawked at it's rustic beauty, this was the first time I had ever been inside Scarlet's house. 

"Don't mind the slob," she scoffed at a slouched figure sitting in a chair. I nodded and gagged at the heavy smell of alcohol that drifted around the man. That must be her father, I thought a bit sad. No wonder she wouldn't allow me in her house, she knew I would have done anything in my power to take her away to a better place. Perhaps even to my home. We walked down a long hallway and into a living room at the back of the house. There were two cushioned chairs placed around a coffee table and across from a television set, whose volume was turned low. 

"Thanks Scarlett," I said kindly taking my seat. She nodded and sighed. "Listen, I am really sorry about your friend Hunter," when I said my name, I saw the flash of emotions across her face. Her hands tightening into fists around the edge of her shirt. "I...I...lost a close friend to, just before coming here." Scarlet raised an eyebrow but waited for me to continue. I shut my eyes and rubbed my temples, feeling all those hidden emotions bubbling to the surface.

As I began speaking my voice trembled a bit. "She...uh...She was my best friend ever since I was little. We were very close and I had no other friends, so we spent loads of time together. Then suddenly I had to leave...and..." tears began to streak down my face but I wiped them away quickly. I can't cry in front of her, I have to be strong. "I left her and never got to say good bye, I never got to tell her all those really important things that you always put off. I...I just..." I bit my lip and winced, it was so painful sitting their telling her these things. 

Scarlet watched me, her eyes hiding a sense of knowing. Her hand patted my shoulder as I took deep breaths to calm myself. I leaned forward and rested my elbows on my knees, my head in my hands. My pendant became untucked from my sweater and hung in front of my eyes. I swallowed hard, remembering Cain and the dying child. 

"You know," Scarlet said with a smile as her gaze shifted off in the distance. "That sounds alot like Hunter and I. We were fast friends ever since we met in kindergarten, from there we were always close. Like a brother and sister." Her eyes came back and met mine. "I spent last Friday at his house, eating cookies and having a good time. He even walked me home...if I had just invited him inside this neve-" I held my hand up and stopped her in mid-sentence. At first she flashed an angry glare at me, but it broke down into a painful gaze.

"Scarlet, please, don't beat yourself up over the what ifs. Keep doing that to yourself and your gonna end up going looney. Hunter's fine," I gave her a warm smile and wrapped my arm around her, pulling her close. "I promise and he's always watching over you." Her tear filled eyes looked up to me, hopelessness filling them. 

"How do you know?" she asked bitterly. I looked away to the floor, thinking hard. Would this be the right time to tell her? Would she even believe me? Scarlet...would you ever accept what I have become? I swallowed hard and held her close to me. I just had to hope that she would believe me, other wise whatever had existed between us would be shattered. 

"I know...because...I'm Hunter Westran." I kept my face straight, my eyes pleading with her to believe and I waited. 

The End

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